Streak Help

I'm not very good at keeping a streak ,but only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the most I do is one sentence in the first lesson, what are some ways to keep a good streak? CoolGrl58 ROCKS!

September 20, 2017


get friends to add you so your competitive spirit keeps you active as you try to always have more XP than them. that's how i'm doing it right now :p

Do you use the coach feature? Make sure that it is set to a reasonable goal. Joining a club motivates some people. Also, what do you want to get from Duolingo? What stops you on the weekends from practicing and what stops you from going beyond the first lesson? It might just be that a streak is not important to you and that's okay. I think the way that Duolingo works best is the regular practice. Even if you just do one lesson or one strengthening exercise per day, that helps you learn your language. I think doing that every day is going to teach you more than by earning 100 points one day and not practicing for another week. The little drops in the bucket add up. Bonne chance CoolGrl58.

i do it a little bit every day when i do my homework

I use the duolingo app n actually there is always time during the day to do one lesson. And when the streak is high you will not want to lose the streak. 602 day streak i want not to lose because to get it that high again will cost me a lot of days :)

Thanks everybody! Lots of info! It'll totally help! CoolGrl58 ROCKS!

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