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  5. "Why is it small?"

"Why is it small?"

Translation:Proč je to malé?

September 20, 2017



Would "Proč je ten malý" or "Proč je ta malá" also be acceptable here? Duolingo doesn't currently accept this as correct, so I'm curious :)


In your sentences is missing a subject. And that is incorrect.

Note that in declarative sentences "ten, ta, to" can be both - subject - To/ta/ten je malé/á/ý (It/she/he is small) or - demonstrative pronoun -for example: ten kluk je malý (The boy is small.)

But in questions only "to" can be both. "Ta, ten" are only demonstrative pronouns.


Thank you for your very helpful answer!


Thanks for explaining that. I just have one question for clarifying this in my head :-D

Would it be ok in declarative sentence to leave out the "to" like "Je malé."? And in questions you always have to add it?


"Je to malé?" About something unspecified ("it").

"Je malé?" About something already known and grammatically neuter. For masculine: Je malý? For feminine: Je malá?


Thank you very much! That explanation helped me a lot.


Thanks for explaining.

Are my examples correct? 1.(Speaking about an undefined thing): Je to malé? Ano, to je malé. 2. Petře, máš nové auto? Ano. Je malé? Ano, je malé


Yes, switch the order to "Ano, je to malé."


VF, thanks for explaining. Have a lingot. Děkuji za vysvětlení. Tady je pro Vás "lingot"


Why is "proç je malé" incorrect? (I would have expected "proč je to malé" to mean "why is that small".)


I think your version is incorrect because it has no subject ("Why is small?") "To" can mean both "it" and "that." So the Czech sentence can mean both "Why is IT small" and "Why is THAT small."


It accepted "proč je malé"... I assumed I was talking about something neuter already known.

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