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  5. "Do you ever listen to me?"

"Do you ever listen to me?"

Translation:Posloucháš mě někdy?

September 20, 2017



"Někdy mě posloucháš" isn't being accepted. Could someone explain the word order rules for me?


When I typed in a non-accepted answer, the suggested correct solution was "mě kdy posloucháš". Really? I would have expected that that means something like "when will you listen to me?"


Well "mě kdy posloucháš" is really wrong. I edited it and the sentence should be ok now.

"Někdy mě posloucháš" - it's not right word order for this type of question. (Because when we ask this question "Posloucháš mě někdy?!" we are mostly angry.)

And "Někdy mě posloucháš?" is normal interrogative sentence.


So "Někdy mě posloucháš?" should also be accepted right? There si nothing leading us to understand if the person is angry or not. It can be just an advice...


Wouldn't that be "Do you sometimes listen to me?"

"Někdy mě posloucháš?" is strange. It is not very natural to me, but it is true that we often accept worse.


My answer: Posloucháš vůbev mě, your answer: Posloucháš vůbec kdy mě. I English: "WHEN do you ever listen to me?" But the original question is not referring to a specific time when you listen to me. Merely, "Do you listen to me at all?" I also find the word order very strange. Even in Czech, "kdy" usually comes at the beginning of a sentence.


I can't decipher what you are saying.


Někdy mě posloucháš - is not right?


It sounds strange. It would express, although more likely as "Ty mě někdy posloucháš?", a surprise when the first person learned that the other person does actually sometimes listen to the first one.


Ahoj! Would "Neposloucháš mě nikdy?" be correct to express the German "Hörst du mir (denn) nie zu? I'm asking with the Czech double negation in mind.


What is the meaning and the English translation of the German sentence?


Hm... literally, maybe: "Do you (finally, actually) never listen to me?" Sorry, I am puzzled and just wanted to ask, whether "Neposloucháš mě nikdy?" sounds fine or ok and could be translated into: "Don`t you ever listen to me?" They all seem to be rhetoric figures(?), heading in more or less the same direction...


It sounds extremely strange. I cannot see a valid usage for it.

What could work is a declarative question "Ty mě neposloucháš nikdy?" "You never listen to me?".


Aside from "Ty mě neposloucháš nikdy?" (which stresses the "nikdy" - Is it really never?), we could also say:

"To mě nikdy neposloucháš?" -- difficult to explain the "to" here, but it's close to the German "denn".

Or: "Copak mě nikdy neposloucháš?" (Don't you ever listen to me?)

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