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Course relationship graph again

Six months ago I posted a graph of the course changes in the last six months. I thought it was time for an update.

Here is a graph of everything which has changed in the last six months

course relationship graph

Red is incubating, yellow is beta and green is graduated. This is the data for the website, so the recently graduated English -> Japanese will not show up.

People prefer different views so here is the whole graph in the format above and here is the whole graph in a radial layout.

The data was generated by interrogating the Duolingo API with a python script and formatting the data for graphviz.

If there's more information Duolingo provides that you'd like to see on the next graph then let me know. I'll see about adding a switch for the different platforms.

September 20, 2017



The longest route I see for English speakers is English -> Turkish -> German -> French -> Portuguese -> Italian -> Spanish -> Russian -> Swedish. Of course if you were say a native Hindi speaker you could add Hindi -> English. The red lines should be good by the time you get there.


That'a a nice graph !

I like statistics and would like to compute some about Duolingo. Any tutorial about the API you mention ?


No tutorials I'm afraid. I found the API calls by reading the calls the webpage made on the incubator site. Everything I know already is written into my script.


I especially like the radial version, thanks! :)

It's interesting to see Catalan and Guaraní (Jopará) radiate from Spanish, not English, while they're not in the hub yet. Which languages do you think might radiate from other languages in the hub?

Maybe someday a newer version of the graph will show Breton and Wolof radiating from French, Guaraní pulled into the hub by a Guaraní for Portuguese speakers course, etc. :)


I like the radial one too. I'd like to to be a bit more compact, but I've not figured out how to do that with circo.

I like that Spanish is kind of nexus too. Someone said English to Catalan is planned which would pull Catalan into the hub. Other nexuses would be cool.

The other thing I'd quite like to see is just a floating pair that's unrelated to anything already in the graph. Faroese to Maltese, for example. No real reason. Just for hugs and puppies.


For a floating pair, how about American Sign Language and French Sign Language if both end up using the same script (see http://www.aslwrite.com/write-sign-language/ )? :)


Just thought of something else: conlangs which are more popular among speakers of another language than among speakers of English...

For example, maybe someday a newer version of the graph will show Baronh or Zentradi radiating from Japanese (see http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Conlang ) or one of the languages at http://jezykotw.webd.pl/ radiating from Polish. ;)

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