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Top Ten: Romantic Languages (Results)!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to announce the results for the Top Ten: Romantic Languages!!! But before I do, I want to thank everyone of you who participated. You guys were so kind and in my opinion the best group of people!

A shout out to all the participants: Maughanster_ (+14, upvotes), Justin7171 (+9, upvotes), Woof. (+9, upvotes), melody13861 (+8, upvotes), Engelmeister (+5, upvotes), sylwuskak (+5, upvotes), Jafa759413 (+4, upvotes), Francy-Chan (+4, upvotes), musicon9 (+4, upvotes), AKicsiMacska (+3, upvotes), BonBonChat (+2, upvotes), Jelena597986 (0), Aleksandra69835 (0), 17yiucc1 (-1, downvote)

I would like to mention that this ranking is based of of their participation. The poll is now officially closed but if you want to see the "The Ten: Romantic Languages (Poll)!" here is the link for that: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24438172

Now, I would like to say how this ranking was conducted. Each person were to write a list of languages from 1-10 and give a description of why they chose that language in their list. The way we counted the points was the #1 on their list gets 10 points and the #2 gets 9 points and so on and so forth. If someone had for example 4 upvotes they would get +4 points on each language in their list. If someone had for example 4 downvotes then it would be -4 on each language in their list.

Finally! The results for the Top Ten: Romantic Languages are....

  1. Romanian (120 points)
  2. Spanish (118 points)
  3. Italian/French (103 points)
  4. Portuguese (85 points)
  5. Japanese/Russian (73 points)
  6. English (53 points)
  7. Greek (52 points)
  8. Swedish (49 points)
  9. German (45 points)
  10. Chinese (39 points)

Congratulations, here are some close contenders: Irish (37 points), Finnish (36 points), Norwegian (34 points), Czech (27 points), Dutch (22 points), Hungarian (20 points), Polish (20 points), Korean (18 points), Sicilian (17 points), Vietnamese (17 points), Arabic (16 points), Ukrainian (16 points), Welsh (14 points), Maori (11 points), Latin (11 points), Hebrew (11 points), Patois (10 points), Icelandic (10 points), Swahili (10 points), Hawaiian (10 points), Persian (10 points), Danish (9 points), Siblo Gomero (9 points), Albanian (9 points), ASL (8 points), Hindko (8 points), Esperanto (7 points), Punjabi (7 points), Cherokee (5 points), Macedonian (4 points), Serbian (3 points), Turkish (2 points)

Thank you everyone! I know this topic will offend people and this discussion may be downvoted but I made this discussion to have fun making each others list and expressing the languages they love. I hope you guys enjoyed this!

10 months ago