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Top Ten: Romantic Languages (Results)!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to announce the results for the Top Ten: Romantic Languages!!! But before I do, I want to thank everyone of you who participated. You guys were so kind and in my opinion the best group of people!

A shout out to all the participants: Maughanster_ (+14, upvotes), Justin7171 (+9, upvotes), Woof. (+9, upvotes), melody13861 (+8, upvotes), Engelmeister (+5, upvotes), sylwuskak (+5, upvotes), Jafa759413 (+4, upvotes), Francy-Chan (+4, upvotes), musicon9 (+4, upvotes), AKicsiMacska (+3, upvotes), BonBonChat (+2, upvotes), Jelena597986 (0), Aleksandra69835 (0), 17yiucc1 (-1, downvote)

I would like to mention that this ranking is based of of their participation. The poll is now officially closed but if you want to see the "The Ten: Romantic Languages (Poll)!" here is the link for that: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24438172

Now, I would like to say how this ranking was conducted. Each person were to write a list of languages from 1-10 and give a description of why they chose that language in their list. The way we counted the points was the #1 on their list gets 10 points and the #2 gets 9 points and so on and so forth. If someone had for example 4 upvotes they would get +4 points on each language in their list. If someone had for example 4 downvotes then it would be -4 on each language in their list.

Finally! The results for the Top Ten: Romantic Languages are....

  1. Romanian (120 points)
  2. Spanish (118 points)
  3. Italian/French (103 points)
  4. Portuguese (85 points)
  5. Japanese/Russian (73 points)
  6. English (53 points)
  7. Greek (52 points)
  8. Swedish (49 points)
  9. German (45 points)
  10. Chinese (39 points)

Congratulations, here are some close contenders: Irish (37 points), Finnish (36 points), Norwegian (34 points), Czech (27 points), Dutch (22 points), Hungarian (20 points), Polish (20 points), Korean (18 points), Sicilian (17 points), Vietnamese (17 points), Arabic (16 points), Ukrainian (16 points), Welsh (14 points), Maori (11 points), Latin (11 points), Hebrew (11 points), Patois (10 points), Icelandic (10 points), Swahili (10 points), Hawaiian (10 points), Persian (10 points), Danish (9 points), Siblo Gomero (9 points), Albanian (9 points), ASL (8 points), Hindko (8 points), Esperanto (7 points), Punjabi (7 points), Cherokee (5 points), Macedonian (4 points), Serbian (3 points), Turkish (2 points)

Thank you everyone! I know this topic will offend people and this discussion may be downvoted but I made this discussion to have fun making each others list and expressing the languages they love. I hope you guys enjoyed this!

September 20, 2017



Well, at least French is in the top 3. ^ ^

Romanian certainly deserved it's place. Such a beautiful language when spoken. The first time I had ever heard someone speak it was from Sebastian Stan (actor of Bucky from Captain America) and I instantly fell in love with the language.


@MasterZsword Oh my god yes. When I heard the audio, I went O.O. It's GORGEOUS!

On a side note, not quite sure why Italian/French are the same (unless they tied? That could be explained...) and Japanese/Russian, because of course Japanese and Russian sound nothing alike. Anyway.

Additionally, I feel although the results are correct (meaning that I agree with them) it would be really easy to say that the results maybe weren't legit, what with extra accounts and abusing the upvote/downvote button and etc. Not sure if you want to make anything of that, I'm just the unpopular opinion in the room. Ignore me, I guess, if you wish.


@Multi0Lingual4 Wow! Amazing streak!!! Yes, Italian/French and Japanese/Russian means they are tied.


There is the possibility of cheating. But, we wouldn't be able to know anyway. ^ ^

Nothing wrong with unpopular opinions!


Just a reminder for everyone....it is not the language which is "romantic" but rather the person speaking it. Thanks for the fun results and breakdown. :) You've earned the Lingot.


I love that quote! Very well done. :)


what can we say? the romance languages are romantic ;) It is so impressive to me that almost all beautiful languages (that is subjective i know, but based on what I have heard and read, most people agree) come from the same language family. Latin was one helluva language


OMG! I can't believe the results are finally here. I just wanted to say thank you for doing this, I had so so so much fun!!!

[deactivated user]

    I'm surprised by the outcome but I totally agree with the ranking!


    go!!!! Spanish! that is definitely the right spot for us ;)


    Thank you for the shoutouts! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to participate. I had a lot of fun and I'm happy about the results! Also, it was cool that you put the close contenders as well.


    Portuguese is fourth? It deserved first! But thank you for posting this!

    [deactivated user]

      It's actually fifth, because both French and Italian are joined third


      :( I wish Swahili and Icelandic did better.


      French is on here. I thought it should be close to the top and it is, yayaya. Do any of ya think Slovak sounds romantic? I kind of think so when ya hear Peter Sagan talk. But I'm not into romance


      Crud. I meant to vote in this and completely forgot. But this was a great idea and it's interesting to see the results.


      I wish you could've joined. Btw, Mind blowing streak!


      Well, for what it's worth, here are my top ten

      1. Tamil - This language sounds like music to me
      2. Xhosa - Like Tamil, there's a musicality to this one, and the clicks make it sound like it has its own rhythm section
      3. Persian/ Farsi - Sounds like it was conceived to make poetry
      4. Icelandic - The most melodious and beautiful of the Nordic languages
      5. Italian - really the prototype of romantic languages
      6. Welsh - I can't imagine speaking it full time, because it seems to take a long time to finish a sentence, but it is a wonderfully poetic language
      7. Lithuanian - just feels like a gentle rain falling over you
      8. Mongolian - has a softness, like whispers
      9. Czech - one of the most melodious of the Slavic languages; honestly struggling between this and #1
      10. Polish - sounds like Italian with a sexy vampire accent


      Interesting. I suspect the top position of Romance languages (the 5 big ones in the Top 4) is because of... English speakers and French and Italian propaganda. I am a native speaker of Spanish, I like a lot my language and Italian and Occitan, but I think there aren't "romantic languages" at all, it is only a stereotype about speakers ("Italians are romantic, hence their language is romantic").
      By the way, "Silbo Gomero" is not a language but whistled Spanish, not different from Morse or drum codes.
      PS: It seems like you are a Romanian, maybe voters were mostly Romanians. What if you carry the same test in Turkey or India? I suppose results would be totally different. Anyway, it's very interesting. Bye.


      Thank you for your time for doing this list. It's fine to see the own duolingo list of the most romantic languages :)

      Now is it time for other lists? Like the easiest? ;P


      Oh yes, no problem! Nice streak...

      That would be interesting, just let me know what kind of top ten list you guys want next.


      Learning during holidays ;)

      It would be cool! And you can whatever you think of. Kind of a list based on another personal beliefs.


      The only reason Romanian is so high is SEBASTIAN STAN. Pretty sure a good portion only heard of Romanian because of him. Kinda helps that the actor is so swoonworthy too!

      [deactivated user]

        You have 12 languages in your top 10 list. Well done.


        What could've I done if those languages were tied with the same exact points?

        [deactivated user]

          1st Romanian (120 points)

          2nd Spanish (118 points)

          3rd Italian/French (103 points)

          5th Portuguese (85 points)

          6th Japanese/Russian (73 points)

          8th English (53 points)

          9th Greek (52 points)

          10th Swedish (49 points)


          1st Romanian (120 points)

          2nd Spanish (118 points)

          3rd Italian (103 points)

          3rd French (103 points)

          5th Portuguese (85 points)

          6th Japanese (73 points)

          6th Russian (73 points)

          8th English (53 points)

          9th Greek (52 points)

          10th Swedish (49 points)

          But whichever way you structure it, German and Chinese clearly didn't make the top 10.

          Edit: no matter what numbers I enter in my comment Duolingo's formatting is erroneously automatically turning it into a list of numbers in order. French and Italian should be joint 3rd, but that means Portuguese are 5th and continue onto 6th, 7th etc from there. The same goes for Japanese and Russian

          If this is what happened to you too then that's what the issue is, but still, German and Chinese don't make the list

          Second edit: changing from 1. to 1st avoids the automatic renumbering by Duolingo


          Castellano debe ser el primero

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