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  5. "Order a cake at the bakery."

"Order a cake at the bakery."

Translation:빵집에서 케이크를 시켜주세요.

September 20, 2017



Why is it 시켜주세요 and not just 시켜요? or 시키세요?


using 시켜주세요 means that the speaker is asking for the action to be done for the speaker (i.e. please order for me/for my sake), while 시켜요 is the polite present tense of the word (i.e. to order) 시키세요 is a polite way of the speaker just asking for the action to be done (i.e. please order) Hope it's clear.


시켜주세요 has the implied meaning, order it FOR ME. 시키세요 would be order it for anyone, including for yourself. A least, that's what i think, a native speaker may correct us.


시켜주세요 is just a more polite form, but youll have to wait for someone else to answer your other questions


I am confused as I was under the impression 주문하다 is more appropriate in situations where you are ordering food or drink, whereas 시키다 is more appropriate when you are ordering or commanding someone to perform an action.


Why is it 시켜주세요 and not just 시켜요? or 시키세요?


From my understanding, it's the matter of compound word.

N+하다 to make noun into a verb (요리하다, 사랑하다)

V+보다 means "Try to+v" (해보다, 먹어보다)

V+주다 means "Please+v" or "To give+v" (도와주다, 돌려주다)



i believe 주세요 is a polite demand, so it would essentially be "please order." native speakers please correct me if i am wrong.


Report it. Although 시켜주세요 sounds much politer than the other two, I dont find those two answers gramatically wrong.


This sentence isn't idiomatic in Korean, right?


Functionally, does this mean order cake from the bakery? Or is it literally "Stand in the bakery and order a cake"? (Does the action of ordering a cake have to take place in the bakery?)

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