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Hello I'm a student trying to learn

I have been trying to learn and have not come to far.Any thing that could help me out?

September 20, 2017



I find it is very easy to keep moving forward in lessons and modules, without actually understanding what has already been one. Take your time, and be willing to review.

If at any time you don't understand what you're doing, try to review one of the older lessons. If you do this enough, you should find that your understanding will grow.


Try to read some stories in Spanish on Duolingo. In my Spanish class, we were required to read a novel in Spanish for 10 minutes a week. She gave feed back on our reading, and I learned many different pronunciations. Reading in Spanish has practically taught me most of the language. Try reading the stories out loud; they were probably created for the purpose of improving language skills.


Just keep plugging away. Do a bit every day. Find inspirational posters on pinterest :)))


Watch tv shows and movies in whatever language you're trying to learn (you can do this by changing the language setting on netflix) It will help you a lot!!


well I can help but if you want me to then you will need to tell me which language/languages you are learning


french,Spanish and Russian


I learn a lot of languages, Including spanish


thank you I will take all the help I can get.


okay. So what are you having trouble with? Is it trying to get more lingots? Or is it learning new words?


Just trying to learn new words really


So how far are you in French?


Well on here level 1 and I know the ABCs,hi,bye that stuff


do you know any phrases?


OK So I am going to start with animals and food


Duolingo Stories, Duolingo tinycards, Duolingo words you can also search up stories in French and how to learn French on youtube. hope you find that these can help you!

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