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Starting a new language? What to choose?

I'm currently learning German, but i'm traveling to Europe next year to France, Italy, Germany and Greece. what language should i learn? thanks!

September 21, 2017



To be honest learn the basics at least of those countries languages trust me it'll help


learn the one you want to learn. though i'd recommend learning French or Italian.


French is the third easiest language for native English speakers to learn, so I would suggest that you try learning French. Also, once you know French, other Romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Latin, even Romanian will all be easier to learn, since they are all connected. Hope this helps!


I would learn the basics up to directions or where is the bathroom and please and thankyou in all of them and then delve deeper is the language where i will spend the most time.


It depends on how long you are traveling to these countrys, for example, if you are traveling to France next year for a while, you might want to learn french.


thanks! Thats what i was thinking, unfortunately im not there for the Tour De France :(


Oh man, ya gotta cheer for Chris Froomey and Peter Sagan


Just kidding. It would be awesome if ya could watch it though.


You should try to learn all of them, but focus on the one which you will be using the most. So learn French, German, Italian, and Greek. Good luck and have fun on your travels!


Do Italian. The culture there is rich and the structure of the language is most similar to the three others than French or Greek. I myself will begin learning Italian soon. Good luck on your trip next year! Here's three lingots!^_^


I personally am going for Polish and Ukrainian I picked it because of my heritage but hey you pick whatever you want to

[deactivated user]

    I would recommend Italian. I randomly got started on it when a friend of mine started and raved about Duo. I love Italian because of how it sounds, and I personally find it easier to pronounce than some other languages, but that may because I know Latin.


    You should try to learn greek, french and italian.


    My recommendation for Greek: Learn at least how to read the greek alphabet. This alone helps a lot.


    I recommend French, Italian and Greek. Learn them all at your own pace, they're cool languages.


    how do you do so many languages? where is your free time? :P


    I did most of my work during summer break.


    Guess it gives you something to do.. what are all of the languages? I'm not too good with my flags :P


    As much as I'd be willing to list them, my flag order was destroyed by Duolingo. Check my profile for my languages in proper order.


    You should watch the Tour De France


    I recommend French though or Italian? idk


    French, or maybe Swedish because of the connections to German.


    thanks everyone for your help!


    NOT FRENCH - Love Jesus Christ

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