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  5. "Hay dos formas."

"Hay dos formas."

Translation:There are two ways.

April 2, 2014



"forma" vs "manera"?

July 17, 2015


Both are acceptable in this context.


This was presented to me as a an oral Spanish sentence. But if one had to translate it how could you possibly know that it is "ways" instead of "shapes". This assumes it is presented out of context as a stand-alone sentence. There's no way. Am I right or am I right?


You are right. It is the same as 'two forms' in English. With no context, it could mean a few things.


So you shoulda translated it as 'there are two forms', which is accepted.


Right. It is usually best to go with what is most obvious rather than trying to whack one out of the ballpark.


how about the word "manera" ? Hay dos maneras


If translating EN -> ES, that's fine. I think in this case it was ES -> EN.


Of course you are right that the lack of context always makes it more difficult. I generally favor translating using the cognate if it makes sense and two forms was accepted. But ways would be consistently translated as formas and since that is a little bit strange sounding for the native English speaker who is not yet thinking in Spanish I think it is important to teach.


"shapes" is more commonly translated to "figuras", though it might also mean "formas".


In what way does it translate to 'way'? Is it more like 'method' or 'direction'?


There is more than one form of expression by which one can describe a manner of speech or a way of putting things. ;-)


Can you say 'quiero ir esa forma'? Using 'forma' as an implied direction?


That is a different meaning of "way". Forma is limited to the uses of "way" that mean "in that manner", as in "do it that way".

Even then it would be more usual to say Quiero ir así

If you want to go a certain route, that would be commonly Quiero ir por ese camino, or Quiero ir a esa dirección


Greetings HijoDePutney, the sentence "quiero ir esa forma" it's not used in spanish. What idea do you want to express?


Could "There are two forms" work as well? That's the Spanish literally translates to.


It all boils down to what has dos formas, but certainly that would be a valid translation for many circumstances. I would somewhat disagree that forms is more of a "literal" translation, however. Certainly forms and formas are cognates. But it is not valid to assume that the cognate is a more "literal" translation since words often diverge in meanings or take on different meanings in the two languages. Way can be the best translation for some of the uses of formas using some of the denotations of the Spanish word.


Thanks! Here's a lingot!


is it sad that i forget what dos means?


Mmh, ella pronuncia muy raro la palabra « hay ». Me sonó como « al »


Y a mi, "an". Estamos de acuerdo. A veces la pronunciación es un poco rara.


Can the word "formas" be used as it's used in English? As in a form that you fill? Like an application form?


A paper document to fill out is "el formulario"


In this context does 'way' mean 'option' or is it more literally a physical track or route ?


It wouldn't take "There's two way."


That is not grammatically correct. There is. (or there's a way, or There are (there're) two ways. Ironically this is one case where the Spanish doesn't change for the plural but English does.


How do you feel 'bout the phrase "Aren't I?"


The pronunciation doesn't sound like hay dos. It sounds like Algos.


duolingo now doesn't give a warning when you enter the wrong language! I entered the english translation to this audio question and was marked wrong instead of warned to repeat what I heard in spanish


I noticed that too, although occasionally it still will. Just another reason to pay attention.


jaja claro, la forma legal y la forma menos legal! Esa frase es muy común acá en México


La forma menos legal. Es un gran eufemismo.


I put there are two kinds. I think that should've been accepted. I hear friends who are from Mex speak that way. Maybe I'm in the wrong in translation.... anyone? (Help).


Generally kind and type are translated as tipo and clase and form, shape and way are translated as forma. But the difference among those words and others like manera and moda have more to do the subject and circumstances than the literal meaning of the word. So yes, with no context your translation might well be valid, but it might often not be accepted.


It asked me and I said ways. Formas means shapes and you can make shapes different ways. Right? I'm not sure

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