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What's Up With Haitian Creole?

Okay, so maybe everyone actually knows all of this and I'm just behind. But I was just looking through the incubator and the Haitian Creole course seems really far behind. We haven't heard from the contributors in 4 months and they're barely done. They said that all they have to work on are the sentences, so why is this taking so long? Have they given up kinda like the Swahili contributors have? I was really looking forward to this course, but what if it never comes out?

September 21, 2017



I don't know where they are situated, but the recent (and on-going) hurricanes will probably be affecting them if they are anywhere near Haiti.


I think they're in Miami. So, yeah, definitely possible.


I noticed it too, I was also looking forward to the Haitian Creole course, but now it looks that the contributors have given up, cause Nandre7 and NyToussaint seem to have not visited Duolingo in a while. So the only thing that we can do is wait until they come back... I'm learning Haitian Creole in other places, as it's one of my fav. languages, Orevwa! (Bye)


Okay! Is it a website you are learning it on? If so, could I please have a link?


pa gen pwoblèm. (No problem).


"All they have to work on are the sentences" Yeah, but that's undoubtedly a very, very significant portion of the overall workload. And, frankly, I'm not sure how much trust one can have in a vocab list developed by first-time course developers. These things often wind up getting reworked. See Yiddish for example, who have at times supposedly had massive amounts of their tree worked out offline. But yet...


Wi, mwen vle konnen plis. Denmen se yon lòt jou. Nou bezwen resous sa yo.

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