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  5. "그것은 어때요?"

"그것은 어때요?"

Translation:How is that?

September 21, 2017



Am I wrong or is still still asking what is this thing? Or maybe more literally which kind of thing is that. To me the meaning is the same. Can someone explain useage of this phrase vs 그것이 뭐에요?


You'll probably hear this verb used to ask how you liked a movie or something. 영화가 어땠어요? - How was the film? 수업 어땠어요? - How was your class? You can also hear it to ask about a condition. 머리 어때? 다 나았어? - How's your head? Is it better?

그것이 뭐예요? - "what is this thing" like you said. If you replace the verb here with one from my examples, it is quite different: 영화가 뭐예요? - what is a movie?


So it means that: 어땠어 = How 뭐 = What Right?


Yes. Just remember that in English we use "how" for several situations, so 어땠어 can't be used for asking "how do you do x?" It's just for situations like I wrote above.


Okay - yeah I knew it wasn't always the same nor interchange with 뭐 but in this case, the literal translation doesn't make sense in English. Thanks for the explanation!


• 그건 어때요? - How's that?

The Speaker is seeking opinion, approval from the Listener ~ equivalent of: What do you think of that? / Do you like it?

• 그건 뭐에요? - What's that (for/about)?

The Speaker is asking the Listener to identify 'that item', whether by naming it or describing its use etc.


Ha! How you like that?


Thara rarat that thara rat that


look at u now look at me


ugh now look at you now look at me


I've translated as "how about that?" but is it should be "How is that?" ? What is the difference? Is it a big mistake to reject?



How about that? = Are you surprised? = 놀랐냐니?


I say “how is that” kind of in disbelief when someone says something. Kind of short for how is that true or how is it that way?


Yeah, that's why I said, "What is that like?" but it didn't accept that. But maybe that disbelief or not understanding (vs asking for information) is more correct, seeing as it's the same verb that becomes 어떻게 which is "how" as in "How does the dog eat?" But I suppose that's just pushing the question back rather than answering it. Does that mean "how" as in "In what manner does the dog eat?" Or is it something more like "How does dog eating work?"


Seeking clarification or some explanation for:

어떻게요? - How so?


I thought of it this way too.


Hyuna thought me this sentence


H-How you like that?


"How is that?"


(1) seeking opinion, approval from the Listener

(그것은) 어때요? - How's that? (What do you think of that?/Do you like it?)

(2) asking the Listener to repeat what he/she has just said.

뭐라고요? - Pardon me?


What would be the difference between this and 그것을 어때요?


어때요 is the conjugated form of 어떻다 (= 어떠하다, to be how)

어떻다 is a descriptive/adjectival verb. So it does not have a direct object. In other words, the use of 을/를 is incorrect. Correct use is either with a subject marker or a topic marker.

N이/가 어때요? = N is how? => How is N?

N은/는 어때요? = Speaking of N, how is it? => How is N?

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