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"Proč jste vypili všechno mléko?"

Translation:Why did you drink all the milk?

September 21, 2017



Whoa Duolingo guys. First off, you've just introduced perfective aspect without actually introducing it. Secondly, some explanation about this všechno term would be really handy. It appears to be a neuter form of the masculine noun všechen; some grammatical explanation of its use in this case (why the neuter, how it is able to function as an adverb, etc.) would be really helpful. I'm pretty amazed there isn't a lengthy discussion about this already.

Is anyone able to help?


1) The course is in beta. The contributors are all volunteers who - shockingly - have real life to worry about as well. We're doing what we can. Some patience would be appreciated.

2) Chapter 55 of Tahal's A Grammar of Czech as a Foreign Language


Yeah, sorry, I totally didn't realize at the time that the content was created, monitored, and edited by volunteers. I've been much more patient and understanding since having that pointed out!

Thanks for the recommendation on Tahal; the text is available free online, so that's pretty nice :) I've also got a copy of the Routledge Essential Grammar of Czech which I'll start making my way through at some point, perhaps trying to take points in tandem with their presentation in Duolingo.


This appears to be use of jste as a plural you. I would have expected a single person to be asked this question in which case should it be formal singular you with vypil as the past tense?


yes, vypil or vypila (-o)


Why used vypili/ why not pílí


The perfective vypít is used to drink something completely. Just pili would mean "you were drinking".

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