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Change Daily Goal

I can't for the life of me figure out how to change my daily goal. How do I do it?

September 21, 2017



Username (on the top right)—>Settings—>Coach.


Yeah that's what everything I've read says but there's no goal option there in settings. I eventually found out how though, had to go to duolingo.com/settings/coach. Doesn't appear to be any other way to get there.


Don't you see this?


Nothing at all like that, not even close. It doesn't even look like that if I click "view full site."


Clicking "view full site" doesn't help, because as soon as you click "settings" it goes back to mobile site view.

Can you get Chrome on iOS? If you use Chrome, use its "request desktop site" feature in its menu. Once you tick that, it will stay on full site view no matter what pages of the site you go on. ^^

If iOS can't get Chrome, and if Safari doesn't have its own feature equivalent to "request desktop site", then here's another solution that will work anyway:


↑ This is a direct link to the exact page you're trying to get to on your phone. This will show the coach settings page even with the site in mobile site view. ^^


Seems foolish that they wouldn't have an option on their mobile site without some weird workaround considering the number of people that use duolingo on mobile and don't even have a PC, and wouldn't know enough to figure out these workarounds or post about it.


For future reference, you can Request Desktop Site in Safari by either holding down the reload button or through the share menu.


The mobile web on the phone is different than the full site. On my iPad I get the normal full site by default but on my iPhone it is different (possibly because the restrictions of the screen)

In Portrait mode I cannot see all the setting options but if I go into Landscape mode all settings, including Coach appear.

On the App's home page on the top of the screen there is a flag of the language I am learning and then my streak (in grey). If I select the streak, a drop down window appears with the Edit Goal link at the bottom.

That is on the iPhone but Android devices may be different. The Duolingo programmers don't seem to understand the word 'consistency' or 'user friendly'.


If I go to the full site clicking on streak does nothing at all. I'm on iOS 10 using safari.


On the iOS app (not mobile website) you should be able to get to the goal page by pressing the clubs icon (the shield), then 'profile' on the top left, then 'Edit Goal'.
Going by what you have said, it appears that they have neglected to provide this function on the mobile website.


This is the Japanese from English topic. I think you should change the topic from Japanese from English into Duolingo in English.


That wasn't an option.

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