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Why is the app different than the website?

1) In the app I started a Swedish group, I have one member and I can't seem to click on their name to follow them.

On my computer, I can't find my Swedish group.

2) These discussion forum is great, but it is only for computer users, why is that? or is my app not working properly?

if anyone knows how to fix these issues, can you please let me know? thank you!

September 21, 2017



Nothing's wrong with your app, the website just runs a different version. That might be changed in the future who knows.


These are not issues, but features designed especially for ....

  • smartphones/tablets, "users on the go", "users, who want to start easy" and "users, who like an App more than a web version".

  • Pc/laptops, "users, who want to learn a language thoroughly"

However, you can use ...

  • Duolingo's web version in the "desktop mode" of a modern browser on your smartphone/tablet e.g Firefox or Chrome.
    (Maybe not possible on an iPhone with a small screen).

  • Duolingo's App in an emulator on your Pc (e.g Bluestacks)


Groups are not in the web version (and never was).


I thought groups were on the web-version at some point.

(Not saying it was, I just thought it was. Thanks for the correction)

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