"Na kozy nemyslím."

Translation:I am not thinking about the goats.

September 21, 2017

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I assume the makers of this course were having fun when creating this sentence and knowing most Czech learners are not aware of the slang meaning of it? ;)


Share the meaning with the rest of us who don't know its meaning. :D


Not a Czech speaker, but found this, which is a good thing to know for people who just completed the animals unit. There are some other things to be careful about with animal words, apparently. https://www.expats.cz/prague/article/czech-culture/dos-and-donts-swearing/


That link seems to be expired, but I found a page which probably talks about the same thing: https://news.expats.cz/czech-culture/dos-and-donts-swearing/


I just practiced this sentence aloud in front of my Czech boyfriend. He was very amused.


Me too, my Czech wife is wondering what I am learning really


na kozy nemyslim = 'I'm not thinking about goats', not 'the goats'. Why was my answer called as a mistake


"I'm not thinking about goats" is an accepted translation, and it has been for several years. Please always use the Report button when you're fairly sure that your answer was improperly rejected.


I though i got it, but now DL is starting to confuse me again. I hat to translate "na kozy nemyslím". I got it right with "i don't think about goats". But the alternative Version said "i'm not thinking about the goats" - wouldn't that be "Na ty kozy nemyslím"?


Translations with and without "the" are accepted. If the Czech sentence used ty kozy, it could also be translated as "those goats." Also, both "I do not think" and "I am not thinking" are accepted in this exercise.


If you have goats at home (in a shed, for example) and you say something like this, it is clear you mean those specific goats so it is "the goats" in English.


And what if I don't have goats at home?


Then you will not be able to make your own goat cheese at home. :-)

But if that is not the answer you were hoping for, please give us a little more to work with in the way of a question.

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