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Suggestion about input questions in Labs' Stories.

(I've read the posting guide but I'm still not sure if this is the right place to put this question so sorry if it's not)

I love the Stories feature, even more than the previous Immersion. I've done only two stories so far but they were very interesting.

I have just one, small suggestion: when doing the usual lessons on Duolingo there are buttons to input letters that are not normally found on English keyboards (like ñ for example). I wish those letters would also show up while doing the input questions on Stories. I know it's a small, maybe not a very important detail, but it would be helpful.

September 21, 2017



They Have To Fix The Auidio ! And it would be cool to see them in other languages.


We know there are some issues with the audio but just to be clear, what specific audio problem(s) are you referring to?


thanks for the suggestion! =]


Thanks, we'll think about this! You can currently answer with "n" in place of "ñ" but it would be nice to have the correct letters and accents available on screen for people who don't have these available on their keyboards.


Not a bad idea obviously, but the best option for any individual user is certainly to just install (note: no download is required for any common modern operating system) an appropriate keyboard layout. The Spanish one includes all the keys necessary for French without the annoying AZERTY layout of the French keyboard. The international English keyboards are another very good option.

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