"Ich sehe, dass es reicht."

Translation:I see that it is enough.

March 12, 2013

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I translated it as "I see, that's enough". You can say this to someone who says that for example "You do not hear". But DL's translation is "I see that it is enough" which means completely different thing. What native speaker understands when he hears "Ich sehe, dass es reicht"? What is comma "," for in the last sentence?


Yes, "I see, that's enough" should be accepted too.

[deactivated user]

    I don't think it should be accepted. "I see. That's enough" would be something along the lines of "Ich verstehe. Es reicht."


    I agree with christian. "I see. That's enough" doesn't translate to "Ich sehe, dass es reicht"


    Thank you all! By the way DL accepted my version.


    They shouldn't have accepted your version, because it's not DAS, it's DASS - a conjunction which can only indicate the subordination of the second phrase to the first one.

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