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"Rodina je pro ještě důležitější."

Translation:Family is even more important to me.

September 21, 2017



Why is 'family is to me even more important' considered an incorrect translation


Proč je to tak a jednou onak? Když napíšu v překladu větu Rodina je pro mě ještě důležitější The family is for me even more important, chce to odpověď: To me, the family is even more important. Napíšu-li to takto, pak to chce tu první verzi. Přitom nemůžu postoupit dál. Lze to nějak upravit?


Tahle veta ma v tuhle chvili 11 spravnych odpovedi v AJ. Kdyz se ani do jedne netrefite, system vam nabidne jednu z tech 11 a to tu, kterou povazuje za nejblizsi vasemu reseni. V zadnem z nasich reseni v tuto chvili ale neni THE family. Takze vam to ani takove reseni jako spravne nabidnout nemohlo.


In another test "the family is the most important thing" has been the THE accepted.


nejdůležitější and ještě důležitější are two different expressions with different meanings.


Yes. But I am talking about the "THE" before "family".


For me (native AmE), I personally prefer both sentences without "the." For example, we wouldn't say, "THE hockey is the most important thing for me" or "THE football is even more important to me." But if we accept "the" in one of the sentences, we should probably accept it in the second as well. I'd rather see the "the" versions as alternatives instead of main translations, but the Czech sentence drives the mains, so that may not work.


Why is 'Family is for me even more important' not accepted?


This word order looks like forced by directly following the Czech one, does not sound natural English to me. Bu I may be easily wrong.


It's a solid literal translation of the Czech sentence, but sometimes even the best literal translations can be wrong, odd, or both. This one sounds odd. "For me, family is even more important" is a better alternative, and that is accepted


UPDATE -- I've thought about this some more and now feel that, with the right punctuation (which Duo, however, should ignore), your suggestion works fine. I have added "Family is, for me, even more important" and similar variants. Thanks for offering it.


Sadly, the effect will likely be that many users will continue imposing the Czech word order on their English, and your fine point about punctuation will fall on deaf ears in their case.


Maybe they will "cancel out" the users who insist on imposing the English word order on their Czech?


Notice that the word bank didn't have FOR, but had instead TO, which sounds odd.


Notice that the word bank always contains the words for the main translation as shown at the top of the page.

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