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How to apply for a contributor in Finnish?

So how does one apply to become a contributor in a language that is not yet in the incubator?

Noticed there is no Finnish for English speakers or vice versa and have time to contribute. Google told me that there are lots of people ready to contribute but exactly how does one go about volunteering when its not found in the incubator?

There would be a huge demand for english as a finnish speaker too as almost every one here learns english and in schools they use computors and phones every day in learning.

September 21, 2017



See this article from Duolingo's help center and the links in the article:



But it doesnt allow me to submit an aplication for a language that is not in the incubator


on the How to Apply page, click on "Choose Language" and scroll all the way to the bottom - and click "Enter other" Then enter "Finnish."


Right, thanks, didnt see the last option.


There is a Facebook group called Finnish on Duolingo. A few months ago they were working on the promoting the idea of the Finnish course and were interested to meet potentional contributors. You could try to find some useful contacts there. However you should keep in mind that this group does not have any connection to the developers of Duolingo.

You may also apply to contribute for a non-exsisting course, in this case you will get an email telling something "thank you for the application, we will contact you as soon as the course shows up", but it will hardly help. There are so many applications in the incubator that the whole system appears unclear and confusing.


Hi Kristiina,

To apply, you can click here: http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

If Finnish isn't an option, I believe there is a chance to choose Other. Good luck! ^_^


There are a lot of people waiting for Finnish for English speakers to get into the Incubator, however, it just has to show up. Wait for it to get into the incubator, then apply, and if they accept you, good job!

Sadly, this is all I can provide. Sorry! :\

Have a nice one,


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