"Яка наступна зупинка?"

Translation:What is the next stop?

September 21, 2017

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Shouldn't Duolingo accept "What stop is next"? I've reported it.


That would be Яка зупинка наступна?

Or wait. One doesn't have to say "What stop is the next one?". What stop is next is OK?


If you're asking about an English sentence, it's perfectly fine to say "What stop is next?" Of course, "What stop is the next one?" is fine too--it just sounds a little more formal.


OK I just spent too much time trying to think if there's a big enough difference between "Яка наступна зупинка?" and "Яка зупинка наступна?", and I didn't get anywhere, so I'll add both versions in both languages, so also "What stop is next?" :D Thanks!


Does the Ukrainian sentence really mean "What is the next stop"? I think a translation of the sort "Is this the next stop?" sounds better in English...


No, "Is this the next stop?" would be "Це наступна зупинка?". Це = this, "is" is skipped. The word "яка" is a question word for adjectives. Basically it's saying "What (stop) (is) the next stop?".

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