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  5. "We are in June already."

"We are in June already."

Translation:Nous sommes déjà en juin.

March 12, 2013



I took this class earlier, and Mr. Owl presented this French phrase verbatim, and asked for the English translation. When I answered, "we are in June already", it counted me (and everyone else) wrong! Now Mr. Owl presents this phrase to me in English verbatim, and marks the exact same French translation correct!? Mr. Owl you cannot have it both ways! THAT IS "TROP" BS!! Is there anybody home in there, is there anyone minding this store? What are you people doing? WAKE UP!! :-[


I think it's to do with word order and where you're putting the adverb. I'm not fluent, so I can't be sure. Take my advice with a grain of salt.


Why is it wrong to change the order and say "Nous sommes en juin déjà"?


Nous sommes déjà dans juin ? Non?


I don't think you use "dans" when referring to specific months. I'm pretty sure it's only used if you're saying something like "something will happen in three months", like "Mon anniversaire est dans trois mois."


Is "Nous sommes lundi" correct? What about "Nous sommes juin"? "Nous sommes déjà juin"?

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