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  5. "Κάτω από το τραπέζι."

"Κάτω από το τραπέζι."

Translation:Under the table.

September 21, 2017



I think it should be translated to "under the table" for a better translation ^_^


Well, I do think both of them are equally correct. "Under/underneath the table" is the second best translation. ^.^


Below the table and under the table do not mean the same thing in English. I am getting a card pick exercise that has 'below' but not 'under' as a choice. While it is grammatically correct, it seems an odd choice. Since a table generally sits on the ground, to imagine something below it one has to imagine either different floors in a building or a table suspended in the air somehow.


"below the table" is correct presuming you mean under the floor. Otherwise you need "under/beneath".

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