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Mac/iOS audio fix (still) in progress? Report your experience here.

Duo temporarily took the TTS off line yesterday (20 September 2017). It may have been in conjunction with the Mac/iOS audio fix. Anyone has an improvement to report? Thanks!

September 21, 2017



Yes! I just got sound in a Czech exercise - I had got to the point of just clicking the speaker randomly, never expecting a response. Almost fell off my sofa in shock ;) but I HAVE SOUND!! I just came here to update and lo, this thread :D


I can confirm that the audio works correctly in both Safari and Chrome. Previously, it only worked in Chrome, not in Safari.


It's finally working for me too. On ipad mini 2 in safari.


It's working now for me also Thank-you very much for working on it, it makes it much easier to grasp the language (though there are things that I was pronouncing very wrong in my head that I have to unlearn, but I could've just waited to continue czech.)


yes, the sound now works okay :) thanks! (tested on Chrome for iOS)


Yay! Finally, working here too!


However, at least on my end, I hear the TTS on Safari but not the common sounds.


Weird, so you don't get the dings and dongs anymore? I'll wait for more reports of that before going back to the well. Thanks!


The correct answer and the strengthened sounds are there, but the wrong answer and end lesson are not being played. All TTS sounds are there so far


Yes!!!! The audio now works with my iPad. I've been using it with the microphone and speakers muted for about a week now so I could continue to take tests. It's great to be able to hear the words and phrases and hear the it's right dings. Thanks!!

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