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  5. "She needs to have freedom."

"She needs to have freedom."

Translation:Їй треба мати свободу.

September 21, 2017



Їй потрібна свобода.


Grammatically this would be more like "She needs freedom". Which is basically the same as "She needs to have freedom", but I guess the exercise is focused on grammar? What do you think?


Many sentences in Duolingo are poorly conceived precisely because they allow for multiple equally correct interpretations and many of them are fairly bizarre.


True... Sometimes the focus is on grammar and "flexible" translations are not accepted. Sometimes the focus is on the meaning and one can translate freely... But well, isn't real life a bit like this :)

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додайте також "їй потрібно мати свободу".


Thanks, added! 7 users asked for that before... I wish I could sort user reports by how many people report the same thing :(

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