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  5. "뱀이 검은 모자를 쓰고 있어."

"뱀이 검은 모자를 쓰고 있어."

Translation:The snake is wearing a black hat.

September 21, 2017



What is the meaning of 쓰고 here?


So this is the verb 쓰다 (to write) that we learnt in earlier lessons + the continuous form -고 있다. I searched on Naver Dictionary and apparently 쓰다 used with 모자 (hat) or 안경 (glasses) means 'to wear/to put on'. So 나는 모자를 쓰고 있어 = I am wearing a hat. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Right, also 쓰다 can have the meaning of : to write, to use, and in this case to wear.


쓰다 has multiple meanings, to write, to wear, and to use are the meanings i know. But you are correct!


쓰다 means to wear precisely on your head. So it can be hats or glasses. Therefore saying that you '코트를 씁니다' doesn't make much sense.

Moreover neckties, necklaces and scarves are not 쓰다 but 매다 (매다 - to tie around / wear tied around something). Also 풀다 means to untie.

Finally, earrings are 치다 (to put on / wear them) and 빼다 (to remove them)


it also has the meaning of bitter..?


if you're studying Korean just cuz you like kpop go away cuz you're a koreaboo and koreans find you cringey


That's not being a "koreaboo" for one because a koreaboo is someone who acts korean and says theyre korean when they're not. Also, it doesn't matter what your motivation is, because at the end of the day it's a genre of music. That's like saying a Korean is an ameriboo since they learn English because they like American songs. It's not that big of a deal, and getting mad over it is so dumb. Grow up, and learn what something means before you call someone it. Thank you.


I'm studying Korean because I love Kpop and I am not going away. Sue me.


Don't like kpop actually


쓰다 also means bitter


One of the things that frustrates me on Duolingo is how easy it is to make a mistake. I was given the words "hat" and "heat" to choose from and accidentally clicked "heat", thus was marked wrong. Obviously it's my fault for clicking wrong, but I feel the system should be better, these types of mistakes are so easy to make all the time.


"The snake wears a black hat" was marked wrong.


It is wrong. 쓰"고" is kind of like "present" in English, so you need wear"ing"


you need to add ' to wear " below '쓰고' so people know it has more meaning. I only see to write


I don't think the developers check these comments very often. It would probably be better to flag the question and write it there.


It is my understanding the verb "wear" is a stative verb. Stative verbs are usually not used in the progressive form. Thus it would be simply "wear", not "is wearing", even thought the original Korean text is "쓰고 있어". At least "The snake wears a black hat" should be accepted. Posted on March 19, 2018.


"wear" is an English verb that is used with English grammar, which may be different from Korean. In a previous lesson, we learned that ~고 있어요 makes a verb continuous; which is why "the same is wearing a black hat" is a more accurate translation.


I fully understand "~고 있어요" means the progressive tense in Korean, while I suppose the verb "wear" would not be used in the progressive tense in English so often. Is it really correct or common to use "wear" in the progressive tense in English?


"To wear" is indeed commonly used in the progressive/continuous tense(s) in English.

Common conversations in English might go something like:

A: I'm going to the party tonight.

B: Yeah, me too. What are you wearing?"

A: I'm wearing a black skirt with a gold and red top."


A: Did you see him at the party last night?

B: No, I didn't. What was he wearing?

A: He was wearing a green shirt and blue pants.





Why the hell is my friend wearing a black hat? Well it suits her well.


In french "porter le chapeau" to wear the hat mean to be responsible (guilty) for something. Duo has to have imagination to creat sentences with the vocabulary we have seen in order to allow us to repeat it. Here we see back an animal, colour and clothes.


I don't understand something : does "모자를 쓰고 있어" mean that I am currently doing the action of putting a hat on my head, or does it mean that I put it on recently and that I am keeping it while I am talking ?


모자 moja in hindi means socks


Came here expecting this comment. I was doing one of the first lessons in this skill and subconsciously typed "black socks" and got it wrong lol. Silly me!


I thought "wear" is a stative verb and hence should be 쓰어 있다, isn't it? So does this sentence mean that the snake is in the process of wearing the hat or the snake is currently having the hat on its head?

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