Before you go and say "post on troubleshooting"... My assignments for my class i am in are finished and it says i have not finished it. I have 5/5 done on basics 1 and strength is 5/5. Whats happening?

September 21, 2017

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Presuming you mean a Duolingo skill assignment from a Duolingo class, it sounds like you have done what is required.

If other people in the class are having a similar problem, it sounds like you have uncovered a bug which should be reported. However, perhaps I shouldn't be suggesting this as I've never been in a Duolingo class, so have no experience of these things, whereas someone on the Educator's forum might already have experienced it and have a solution. (Or at least experienced something similar or related perhaps.)

My only other suggestions (if it was just you experiencing this problem) would have been 1) to refresh the page and make sure the server had really registered the completion of the last lesson, and 2) to wait for a little while to see if the server is just going slow with noticing that it was a class assignment. As you posted your question 20 hours ago though, these two suggestions are unlikely to be relevant by now.

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