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  5. "Tunafunga magoli kumi"

"Tunafunga magoli kumi"

Translation:We score ten goals

September 21, 2017



Reported, but this is wrong on so many levels. It should read, "tulifunga..." or "tumefunga..." and the English should be "we scored..." or "we have scored..." The way it is makes no sense. in English or Swahili


Thanjs i spotted the same. Shame it has not veen corrwcted after your comment


I don't have a problem with this translation (and perhaps, Duo agrees, and that is why it hasn't been updated). The answer might seem offensive to strict grammarians, but in retelling an event, many native English writers/speakers use present tense to bring the intended audience into the immediacy of an action. "Yea! We score ten goals and go on to win the game!" As a middle school writing teacher I saw this tense shift frequently depending on how engaged the student was with a story. When reliving a moment, the writing tended to stay in present tense but when the writer was merely documenting something, they would use past tense.


My problem is the translation of funga as score rather than win...we won by ten goals? Why can it not be translated as this?

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