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What is the difference between ein, and eine?

Ein and eine mean the same thing. It makes no sense! Cording to this it can mean one, a, and an, it's so confusing.

September 21, 2017



Both are indefinite articles (i.e. they identify or suggest any one thing). Eg: A dog (could be any dog, but just one).

Ein is the masculine form. Eg: Ein Mann (A Man)

Eine is the feminine form. Eg: Eine Frau (A Woman)

This is hard to translate into English because in English (as you see above) there is no change between masculine and feminine for the articles.


Now what is the difference between ein and einen


This is explained in the grammar "Tips and notes" in Duolingo's web version.
Advice: Read them always before you start a new skill.

  • Open Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) in the "Desktop mode" of the browser of your phone, tablet or Pc
    (maybe impossible on an iPhone with a small screen)
  • many skills have grammar "Tips and notes" under their lessons
  • just click on the skill "Basics-1" and scroll to the bottom of the Lessons page

Three grammatical genders, three types of nouns

Nouns in German are either feminine, masculine or neuter. For example, "Frau" (woman) is feminine, "Mann" (man) is masculine, and "Kind" (child) is neuter. The grammatical gender may not match the biological gender: "Mädchen" (girl) is a neuter noun.

It is very important to learn every noun along with its gender because parts of German sentences change depending on the gender of their nouns.

Generally speaking, the definite article "die" (the) and the indefinite article "eine" (a/an) are used for feminine nouns, "der" and "ein" for masculine nouns, and "das" and "ein" for neuter nouns. For example, it is "die Frau," "der Mann," and "das Kind." However, later you will see that this changes depending on something called the "case of the noun."


What is the diffrent between eine and einen


okay that makes so much more sense now!!!


Thanks for asking the question!


thanks for answering the question !!!!!! :)


I agree with you definitely. I always get soooooooooo confused with that!

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