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1500 Days of Duo!

Wow! I never would have thought, when a Facebook friend mentioned it was addicting learning languages on duo, that it would have had such a profound impact on my life. I was leaving for a family vacation to Portugal in a month and figured it was finally time to learn Portuguese (I'd been 3 times before and had been married to a Portuguesa for 6 years). I set ambitious goals and somehow managed to find internet and computers every day during that first trip to practice more and keep my fledgling streak alive. After I hit 200 consecutive days, I was determined to never let it lapse. Thank goodness T-Mobile offers free international data. Through two trips to Saudi Arabia, 3 more to Portugal, and several to Canada, I've practiced everyday. I can now speak to all my in-laws now in Portugal (and embarrass my wife with stories and anecdotes), and help my children learn Portuguese. It also helps me better understand some of the things my wife says in English, when she translates directly. Thanks Duolingo for 1500 days of fun and education. Here's to 1500 more.

September 21, 2017



That is awesome, thanks for sharing, rolosrevenge!


Always 35 days ahead of me vivisaurus, I've been chasing you since day 200 or so if I remember.


Parabéns, parabéns, muitos parabéns!

A última flor do Lácio, inculta e bela. É, a un tempo, esplendor e sepultura. Ouro nativo que na ganga impura. A bruta mina entre os cascalhos vela!

Portuguese is one of my favourites. :D


Parabens, é sempre una alegria ler dos logros comunicativos doutros estudantes no Duolingo! E os teus são muito impressionantes!

  • 2012

Looks like we're exactly 500 days apart!


Nice, gz on 1000 days!


that is awesome!!! good luck to 1500 more days!!!!!

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