Willing to Translate Lithuanian Course

My husband is fluent in Lithuanian (native), English, and Russian and is willing to translate for a Lithuanian --> English course and the reverse course. He tried to apply to become a translator, but for some reason, Lithuanian is not an option. Will it be an option in the future?

April 2, 2014


Dear Duolingo Staff, Please take a look at this discussion thread. For over a year, capable willing people have been offering their services, free of charge, to create an English-Lithuanian course. I have been watching this thread for the past year and no progress has been made (if it has, please tell us). Meanwhile, Lithuanian learners like myself have been turning to a variety of scattered resources (including obscure bookstores in Vilnius) all seeking what only Duolingo can uniquely provide. Please. Let our people go. Sincerely, Frankas

P.S. If you need more contributors, please respond and we will provide them.

Current Duolingo courses being offered for languages with fewer speakers than Lithuanian (all of which are great languages in their own right... but for comparison's sake): Esperanto Klingon Irish/Gaelic Yiddish Welsh

October 24, 2015

As a Lithuanian speaker i would be happy to see my language here. Say, if i can help somehow.

June 24, 2016

Eager though we all are, we have to understand the Duolingo staff, too. Lithuanians aren't the only ones who are willing to start their native language courses and believe me the staff gets tons of requests for new courses every single day. So I guess patience is what we need at the moment:)

October 25, 2015

Japanese just came out. That's proof enough that you should listen to @liootas

February 5, 2017

There is no need to search for "obscure" bookstores in Vilnius, we have "Akademinė knyga" ( which is definitely the best especially if you search books about languages. There are many books about Lithuanian language - not only several perfect grammars in English (and some learning books with CDs), but also big dictionaries, books on dialects etc. etc. I would also propose to study Estonian, Latvian, Finnish instead of Lithuanian, just in case. Those languages are worth learning. Respectfully - Mindaugas

February 5, 2017

All languages are available to apply for, if it's not in the list already you can use the "Enter Other" option:

Thanks for applying. ;-) By the way you only have to apply for one direction to be considered for both directions:

April 2, 2014

Thanks, I'm on it!

April 2, 2014

Good luck! They are very picky! :D

April 2, 2014

Wow! Really? He taught Lithuanian at the university level and used to write for a prominent Lithuanian newspaper. I hope that's enough.

April 2, 2014

I've been trying to learn Lithuanian by myself for a couple of months, I really hope he can start a course; It'll make my life so much easier

June 17, 2015

That should give him extremely good chances!

April 3, 2014

Really? If Duolingo doesn't let him in, Duo the owl is having a permanent case of snobbiness.

February 5, 2017

very well! then I will advise my Bulgarian boyfriend to learn Lithuanian course! :)))

April 3, 2014
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I'd love to learn Lithuanian on Duolingo!

August 13, 2015

At the moment the only alternative are pimsleur or the soundless The later does a very good job teaching the basics but not the pronunciation

August 13, 2015

This would be great. My girlfriend is Lithuanian but I find it kind of sad that she can't speak her mother language with anyone, I'm trying to learn the language but this would be very helpfull for me.

October 27, 2014

Thanks for your interest. We never heard back from duolingo. I guess there isn't enough interest in a Lithuanian course yet. However, you can learn some basic vocabulary on :)

October 28, 2014

Thanks alot. I'll check it out later today. Let's hope interest in Lithuanian courses increases! :)

October 28, 2014

Hi, I've been reading through this topic and see that there isn't a result yet. But could you maybe try to contact duolingo again? Because i have an genuine intrest in learning the language, but because of work i can easily follow the course i bought. With Duolingo (lithuanian) i can learn much easier. Please let me know is you succeed or get an answer back for them, that they won't start this program.

November 16, 2014

We'll try it again, but with only some 4 million speakers worldwide, don't get your hopes up. Unfortunately, Lithuanian is probably really low on their priority list, however, there are several Lithuanian lessons on memrise. Maybe by the time you finish those, we'll have some good news.

November 16, 2014

just got back from Vilnius. I think i'm going to move there. This would be amazing to have lithuanian on here. YAYAYAYAY

November 27, 2014

I don't think number of speakers is an issue. Danish has barely 6 million and I won't even start about Irish or Esperanto. All have courses (underway) now.

November 27, 2014

There are only 5 million speakers of TWO Norwegian languages. And 4 of ONE Lithuanian language. So, why Norwegian is on duoLingo, and Lithuanian cannot be? Also, look at Welsh, Irish. It's great we can we learn them, but they have even less speakers.

February 6, 2017

And now Duolingo has multiple fictional languages but still no Lithuanian. It's frustrating. It seems that there are a lot of people willing to work on it, but Duolingo seems to have put a very low priority on it. I guess I can spend my time learning those other really in-demand languages like Welsh, Swahili, and Klingon.

October 3, 2017

I second that idea. Have a Lingot!

November 16, 2014

I actually checked back with the site several times hoping they'd have added Lithuanian, it's not just something that'd be nice but the #1 language I want to learn, and there aren't a lot of resources for it. After trying out the site for a different language, I really love the teaching style here, and that just makes me want them to do Lithuanian more! It's a shame they haven't taken you up on it, maybe they will later as they look for more languages. Maybe stress to them that the writing system is really easy, since it uses mostly Roman letters like English does. I think it's a lot easier for them to develop languages like that for the site, and may have mistakenly thought it used Cyrillic and waited until that was developed for the Russian and Ukranian courses that are in the incubator? Since it doesn't use that, there's no need for it, and it would be much faster to develop. Like how Vietnamese is the first East Asian language they have in the incubator since it also uses mostly Roman letters.

January 9, 2015

I regularly check as well, sadly to no avail. :( to the ones who want to make this course: I absolutely don't want you guys to tell you what you should do, but please keep spamming the DuoLingo team, maybe they'll relent at some point. :D

January 10, 2015

My daughter is half Lithuanian, I would love to learn and teach her the language while she is young. Please Duolingo, if you can do Esperanto you can do Lithuanian!

For anyone interested there's a beginner's course here -

July 21, 2015

Aš irgi noriu daryti pamoka

October 10, 2015

I'm pretty sure that firstly we ought to create English for Lithuanian speakers course and only then Lithuanian for English speakers. That's how the majority of less popular languages do on Duolingo. So I applied for English for Lithuanian speakers course but haven't got a response yet. :/

August 15, 2015

My husband is Lithuanian and we have been searching for something to help me learn. Fingers crossed Duolingo can come through for us eventually! In the mean time I've been using the uTalk app and it is a pretty solid one.

December 2, 2015

Even if we ignore other aspects such as the larger number of speakers than other languages on Duolingo or the intrinsic beauty of Lithuanian. I do think it's rather insane to not have a course for the most archaic Indo-European language still spoken, simply because of this feature there is already a great demand for a language course on Duolingo.

June 16, 2016

I, too, would love a Lithuanian course. I tried learning with Pimsleur and other sparse online resources, but it's simply not enough. Duolingo would be excellent, and if there are willing contributors, I don't see why this couldn't get started.

December 26, 2015

Me neither :(. In the meantime, I'm learning Russian because the grammar is similar even though different alphabets are used.

December 30, 2015

Hi Everyone - You may have seen that UNHCR Northern Europe is starting a Flashcard project in conjunction with Duolingo. We need Lithuanian speakers to help us translate basic words. You can read more about the project here:$comment_id=14241141

If you have any comments, please response in the thread I linked. That way this thread can focus on the Lithuanian language and not get distracted by the project!

Looking forward to working with you,

David (UNHCR Northern Europe).

March 14, 2016


March 14, 2016

I would be very happy if this language could appear here. I'm myself native Lithuanian speaker. Lithuanian has few dialects. I speak Samogitian dialect (žemaičių) which sounds like Latvian. :D People in South Lithuania do not understand what I want to say. xD I wanted to contribute to this course myself, but I'm afraid I won't have enough time to create lessons. I do not know how voicing happens on Duolingo, but I couldn't do it myself: as I said I speak Samogitian dialect which is weirder than official Lithuanian people want to learn. But I am amazed how many people want to learn this language. :D It's truly useless. UNLESS you want to live in Lithuania, read Lithuanian books or have something to do with my country- then YES. MAKE IT. :) I myself completely fluently speak English and Russian. And I learn Spanish since I was a child, so I am little bit advanced in this language already. (I have relatives by marriage in Spain, France and Croatia, that's why I must speak Spanish very well).

June 29, 2016

I have some Lithuanian roots and from what I hear there’s an untapped treasure of literature and culture in Lithuanian that hasn’t been translated. Upvoted

July 4, 2016

Yes, there is. Actually, Lithuanian poetry is really a good one. Maybe not a Persian one but consider that our literature is actually 100 years old, not 2500 or so.

July 4, 2016

I'm a Lithuanian-Canadian whose family fled to North America a hundred years ago. After living in Canada and the US for a century, there's no one left alive in my family who speaks Lithuanian. Duolingo is my favourite way to learn languages, and I would love if it could help give me the opportunity to re-connect with my ancestral culture. It sounds like there's lots of talented people who are willing to help out with it, too. I really hope we can add this language one day!

July 25, 2016

I have a similar story -- both my grandparents fled to North America in the 20's and refused to speak the language at home or even talk about the "Old Country." I understand their reasoning but I would love to be able to speak the language that my family back in Lithuania speaks (especially now that I've managed to meet them!!) It's hard to find resources/classes in the States, so this would really help!!

August 31, 2019

Any news on this? I tried learning Lithuanian through other sources, with mixed results. Would really like it in a structured, DuoLingo-style, way. :)

August 30, 2014

No news :( I'd love to see it happen, but I guess the duolingo staff is too busy for us right now.

August 31, 2014

That's sad. Such a beautiful and linguistically interesting language.

August 31, 2014

i want to learn lithuanian. i already learn a few words but i want to go far

June 1, 2016

Guys, let's not give up on Duolingo. We must mobilize, upvote this topic thread until the "upvote" button is broken, and also comment in the thousands. It's the only way to get Duolingo admininistration's attention for this language course. I am ready to contribute. Please, let's make this hapoen, so lithuanian to english speakers course becomes a reality on Duolingo.

January 4, 2019

A new boy moved into my class this year and he is from lithuania. ever since, I really wanted to learn it and i hope duolingo adds this soon.

May 29, 2016

Sorry- I think I'm coming into this a tad late. For those who want to learn Lithuanian, memrise is a good start. I don't want to be that kind of person to push people away from duolingo (I'm a proud user of it) but since Lithuanian is not a duolingo course you can use this until it becomes one. I like Memrise, it provides very good vocabulary and it is a lot like duolingo. This only setback is lack of grammar courses, but it's better than no course at all. Hope this helps!

July 11, 2016

I would like to underline the importance of finding other ways to learn this beautiful language and using Memrise to do so. Like Madeline said, it actually is a really useful tool, and many of the Lithuanian courses even have audio. It is very important to make progress and continue to press on learning the language we love even if Duolingo doesn't offer it, otherwise we've just gotten beat by the system. Stay strong! :)

Also, if anyone is learning Lithuanian on their own and having trouble with pronunciation, this is a good website. It doesn't have all the words one might be looking for, but it's better than nothing.

September 4, 2016

No websites and memrises will help You if You learn Lithuanian. It has no shortcut with Latin or other grammar, so You need to start from it. It has a huge amount of archaic words. It has a complex system of cases, tenses etc. And - there are several really different dialects which differ from Standard Lithuanian. Some of them as Samogitian are even considered the separate language. So, grammar+dictionnaries+listening to actors reading poets. This is my suggestion before (if) duoLingo comes up with Lithuanian. We have a good audio/text books of the most famous poets read by good actors, and the language there is good, vocabulary - rich. Imagine You learn Sanskrit or Ancient Greek. Memrise won't help. It doesn't matter that it's written in Latin script. But you cannot easy understand "būčiau galėjęs bėgti padus pasipustęs, jei nebūt šiaurys atvijęs" if You don't do what i wrote above. Sėkmės (good luck).

September 4, 2016

I would agree with you on most of what you said. Although I am not a Lithuanian native, I have learned Latin and know how complicated cases and the like can be (especially because I believe there are more Lithuanian cases than Latin), and no vocabulary-based app is going to give you the complete understanding of the language you want. However, I believe that apps like Memrise are good for supplementation. For example, I received a Lithuanian textbook for my birthday one year and started to read it, but it was so dense that I could barely read two pages. I started learning simple vocabulary on Memrise and then went back to the book after I had learned a bit of pronunciation and basics. In addition, if you are a person like me that not only likes to learn the concepts but you also have to put them into practice to fully understand them, Memrise and other online resources that are "game-like" or "quiz-like" can be very helpful. However, I believe you are correct, Mindau1, in that occasional studying on an app to pass the time will not help you much if you really want to learn in-depth. My more important point besides Memrise was that we need to use the resources we have now and not let Duolingo's lack of a course dictate what languages we learn and how we learn them.

September 4, 2016

You are right, Carrotcart2, all resources are good if they lead us to a Language ;)

September 4, 2016

I agree with both of you. Learning Lithuanian or any language with such complex grammar is no easy path, especially since there is no dense course that allows one to learn grammar in an easy (and fun) way. A month or so later and I have a grasp on how to pronounce basic Lithuanian vocabulary and have a fair understanding on greetings, numbers, colors, adjectives, etc., which is nice, but what I think is that in order to excel at a language, you really have to grasp both the vocabulary and the grammar side (Memrise only brushes the vocabulary side). I agree with both of you :) Memrise is simply what we have right now (and maybe a couple other sites such as BliuBliu). If a resource leads us to a new language then we should take advantage of it, but it can be veryyyyy frustrating when a website doesn't offer or teach grammar (especially for a language like Lithuanian or any of the slavic languages)

September 4, 2016

BliuBliu has a Lithuanian course too for anyone that may be interested -

August 21, 2016

I'm trying BliuBliu and it has a really interesting concept. Thanks for this :) I'm going to try the other course Mindau1 recommended as well. Thanks both of you!

September 5, 2016

Yes, please, Duolingo, please add Lithuanian!!!

October 3, 2016

Dear Duolingo, I was just about wondering if there is anyone willing to contribute to a Lithuanian course and then i found this thread. Considering the actuality Lithuanian is by far more lively that, say, Esperanto, which, with all do respect, never has been a normal living language due to not having nationality or folk. With a master degree in German linguistics I could contribute to a German Lithuanian course as well if there would be a possibility. Please keep us informed

January 8, 2017

MAKE LITHUANIAN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 24, 2017

I would love to learn lithuanian on Duolingo !

March 19, 2017

We really need this course, so, whoever sees it, please vote for this thread and comment here, so it becomes as much visible as possible, to achieve our goal.

January 5, 2019

Why do you want this course? You're a native, as far as I understand.

February 10, 2019

I would be glad if the course will be available

April 3, 2014

i can't wait for this course i love the language :)

April 1, 2015

Yes, Duolingo, please add Lithuanian. My parents were both born in Lithuania, my mom still speaks fluent Lithuanian, and they both speak in Russian. I can speak Russian fluently, thanks to just constantly talking to my parents, and I'd like to learn Lithuanian because I think it's a really nice language, and when I visit my relatives there, I want to be able to say somethings that's not in Russian.

July 22, 2016

Give us Lithuanian!

July 24, 2016

Hello, i'm Lithuanian, I'm from Kaunas and yes I can speak Lithuanian :) So who would like to learn or improve this one of the oldest language I could help, cause I would like to impove my English skills, so if somebody interesting, write me :) By the way recently sometimes I'm staying in Frankfurt, we could meet :)

November 5, 2016

Verbling just sent me a message that they are accepting applications for Lithuanian language teachers. Tell your Lithuanian friends and family to apply. Perhaps not as much scale as a duolingo curriculum, but it's still progress.

May 9, 2018

When my great-grandparents came from Lithuania to America, they were so determined to assimilate that they refused to teach any of their children or grandchildren the language, or even reach out to their family back home. It's taken me years to 1) find and 2) reconnect with my Lithuanian family members, and not all of them speak English. My Lithuanian-American identity is very important to me now more than ever!

However, it is very VERY difficult to find the resources for learning the language. There's no Rosetta Stone for Lithuanian, I've never seen a college course for it in my life, trying to even find textbooks is a difficult task. The learning app Memrise has a course, but it's less organized than Duolingo. I saw at one point that this course was in the incubator, but it seems to be gone -- PLEASE restore it.

October 9, 2018

Hi there. I've been making a blog for my bf to learn Lithuanian. I'm a native and he's German. I've been working on the basics for now. But you are welcome to take a look. I hope it helps.

February 10, 2019

Nice work, I really like it! Could you consider adding a little on accentuation though (like making the stressed vowel bold, for example)? It's always confusing, especially if the language has free stress.

February 11, 2019

I need to learn Lithuanian for emigration reasons. But it hard to find a tutor and there is no good App to learn a language, only Doulingo, and especially for Lithuanians its impossible to find a good app.

April 9, 2015

You can find the app memrise where it is courses given bij other people mostly native speakers and here i've been learning. But the best way to learn buy a really course bu these will take more time but are more efficient. And you have do the translation through english because those are the most easiest to find. I can send you a link from the website where i got mine or a link to the app. I'm also making a course there with usefull sentences instead of just words. It's really easy to use and handy for "on the go"

April 10, 2015

If you could give me links I would be so grateful!!!

June 3, 2018

Would be great if a Lithuanian course existed.

March 23, 2016

Would also LOVE a duolingo Lithuanian course.

May 2, 2016

also want to learn Lithuanian since I listen to a lot of Lithuanian music ;)

June 11, 2016

Learning enough languages? Ha, ha. Can you recommend some of your favorite Lithuanian groups or songs? I'm looking to try the "telenovela method" to try to learn the language.

June 13, 2016

Quite the variety. Thanks. I want to branch out from Septyni Oziukai. :)

June 17, 2016

Thanks. I already stumbled across Marijonas Mikutavičius and Bent valandai grįžkim atgal is my jammy jam. I also heart Drąsių Nieks Nežudo. I have not heard of the others though. I will check them out. Arlina Orlova - Sielos Sala and Skyle - Pilkapiu Sniegas are also faves on my ipod. FYI. :)

July 22, 2017

Paklausęs šių dainų, aplankiau dar keletą kitų senai klausytų ir prisiminiau, jog vis dėlto lietuvių muzika tikrai gera. Būtų smagu, jeigu rasčiau vokiškų dainų, kurios taip įtrauktų. Bet tikriausiai taip įtraukia, nes lietuvis. :D

June 25, 2019

Off topic, but terrible choice in music (rimtai, formuojamas kaimo įspūdis)

July 17, 2019

O kokią tamsta siūlytumėt muziką?

July 18, 2019

Hello all, is there any update on this? Is a lithuanian language course in the making?

August 8, 2016

I also wanted to use duolingo to learn lithuanian but it seems it's not gonna happen.. so I decided to start making my own app with all the stuff I've learned so far if anyone is interested here's the link

March 14, 2017

Sadly, no.

August 12, 2016

So, what is needed to start the making of, say, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Finnish courses?

August 12, 2016

The willingness of Duolingo to staff to allow it. Several people, on this thread alone, have said to be willing to work on it, but eventually it's up to Duolingo itself to allow this or not. Until then, we just need to be patient.

August 13, 2016

Any update by now?

February 24, 2018

Can we start creating english-lithuanian course? I and my friend sent request for duolingo team some days ago, but we haven't received the answer yet..

August 18, 2016

I hope this comes to fruition! I happen to think that Lithuanian is one of the most beautiful sounding languages in the world.

August 21, 2016

yeah!!!!!! looking forward lithuanian is going to be on Duolingo!! :-)

October 28, 2016

I would very much like to see Duolingo develop a course in Lithuanian for English speakers. I studied Lithuanian for six months at the Vilniaus Universitetas about a dozen years ago and then continued on for several years with self-instruction. However, a course on Duolingo would really be helpful. It is an important language from a purely linguistic standpoint, with its ancient and archaic relationship to Proto-Indo-European, and hence to almost all of the living European languages, as well as to ancient Latin and Sanskrit. It is of great scholarly interest, and also has a sufficient number of speakers that it is useful to know.

February 14, 2017

I also wanted to use duolingo to learn lithuanian but it seems it's not gonna happen.. so I decided to start making my own app with all the stuff I've learned so far if anyone is interested here's the link

March 14, 2017

It looks interesting. I just joined the waitlist. Please be sure to include audio pronunciations as I've found it lacking when studying on Memrise and other sources.

March 14, 2017

Thats one of the main things Im focusing on right now as it's also what I wanted to have :)

March 14, 2017

I'd love to contribute on this but only if there will be a browser version (I don't own a smartphone).

March 15, 2017

I hope it will be an option. I would love to see an English to Lithuanian course. Would definitely take it!

March 26, 2017

I would love to have access to a Lithuanian course for English speakers!

April 20, 2017

Would like to contribute. I'm a native Lithuanian speaker and have sent 4 years studying at a university in England. I'll definitely have time to contribute this summer.

P.S. Have submitted an application on without seeing it was on list 1

June 18, 2017

I have learned Lithuanian for a year in a university in Vilnius but that was certainly not enough time. It is such an interesting language and it would be fantastic to have it here on Duolingo.

August 2, 2017

Lithuanian ! it is very interesting language from linguistics perspective, helpful in research of indo-european language branch. Please take on Lithuanian (there are already 3, soon 4 slavic languages on duo, and no Baltic)

August 10, 2017

I would be interested in helping on that course too.

August 16, 2017

Here is another vote towards a Lithuanian course! The history of the language seems fascinating to me.
And I would also love to understand the lyrics of Alina Orlova's songs in Lithuanian! ;)
Good luck and many thanks to the volunteers!

August 18, 2017

I think that if we want duo lingo to notice the idea of allowing a Lithuanian course, we need to keep posting and commenting. It seems the last comment was a year ago. I see a total of 137 comments, which honestly seems very few, and not likely to grab Duo Lingo's attention. It would be great to have a Lithuanian course. I certainly would be willing to help.

August 18, 2017

I see now there are comments from less than a year ago. Let's keep it up.

August 18, 2017

I want to learn lithuanian, I can't help translate but I will take the course Duolingo!!~

August 18, 2017

Vis dar laukiu, gal kažkada atsiras, nors nelabai tikiu. Tenka tik telaukti :D

Native Lithuanian here :D

August 29, 2017

:-( I see Duolingo doesn't have even interest on reply to all these people willing to study or teach a great language like Lithuanian. Maybe we all should contact a competitor of Duolingo and jump over as a group ;-)

August 30, 2017

Come on, Duolingo.... there are a lot of people wanting to make lithuanian happen..... what's the problem?

November 11, 2017

People I have a desire

My bff is Lithuanian only understanding a little English She has to learn loads of English and we as a school have no intention to start a little bit of learning Lithuanian

Please make my dream come true

February 4, 2018

Hmmmm still no lithuanian? Will Duolingo listen to demand?

June 2, 2018

Dear Duo, My grandfather is Lithuanian and I would love to learn the language. he as forgotten it and I rarely see him but I would love to begin to understand the culture my family comes from. I also think that there is value in learning any language and finding out about new culture. Although I know little about the culture, I do know that it's often overlooked. I've only ever met one other person who wasn't in my family who knew abut it. I feel like every culture should be brought to the attention of the world. I know that you are busy, but I would love for this to become a duolingo language. thank you for you time and energy, Pipes.

October 3, 2018

Aš irgi būčiau dar vienas savanoris- me2 would sign up; Lithuanian native from Kaunas; would not make it on a regular basis, but.. would be a nice hobby.

just wondering; anyone knows how to get the Duolingo staff to speak up? where do we stand in terms of offer (#of volunteers to contribute) and demand (votes to use the course). Are we totally hopeless? or just few more voices needed. As compared to other candidate languages..

November 14, 2018

Well, it seems that duo is not that interested in our discussion or in the Lithuanian language. It's a shame really.

I want this course because I have a German bf, and I'm learning German for him and he would learn Lithuanian but, there are not so many materials. I've even started doing a blog for him! Just simply because everything else I've found was not structured or had any practice materials!

February 10, 2019

I would be glad if you could let me know when the course will be available ;)

April 3, 2014

I don't work for duolingo, but I had my husband fill out the application on Tuesday night. We haven't gotten a response yet, but I'll let you know when we do.

April 3, 2014

Please email me if your husband wants a private contract...short work 2 page translaation Lithuanian to Eng.

September 14, 2014

Sorry, I just now saw this. Probably too late right?

November 16, 2014

maybe too late for them... and maybe my message is too late but i'd love to be in contact with your husband! my mother and i recenty discovered she has lithuanian ancestry and im very interested in learning the language! my email is if he has any interest in starting a correspondence

April 19, 2015

I would be happy to help out too! I am a native speaker and would love help anyone willing to learn this language

January 2, 2017

You can contact him at

April 19, 2015

That would be awesome

April 3, 2014

Dear Duolingo Staff,

I’m not going to lie; you’ve probably heard people like me make cases for their desired languages to be added to Duolingo thousands of times, and that’s what I am doing right now. I, along with many others, would love to see a Lithuanian for English speakers course added to Duolingo’s extensive collection.

First of all, Lithuanian is one of the two living Baltic languages (the other being Latvian). If I am correct, there is no representation of the Baltic languages currently on Duolingo, and Lithuanian would make a nice addition, as it has more speakers than Latvian.

Second, let’s talk speaker numbers. Lithuanian has about 4 million speakers. Although that is not a large number, there are several Duolingo courses that are operating or in the incubator with far fewer numbers, including Irish, Esperanto, Yiddish, Welsh, and Klingon. You don’t have any Baltic languages, but you have a fictional, TV language that had 12 fluent speakers in 1996, roughly 0.0003% of Lithuanian speakers (no offense to Klingon or Star Trek fans)? In addition, there are 652,790 Lithuanian-Americans in the US as of 2014. There are more potential Lithuanian Duolingo learners in the US with a personal connection to the language than there are Welsh language users in Wales!

Third, please take a closer look at this discussion thread and others like it. It is chock full of highly knowledgeable and credible learners willing to contribute to a Lithuanian for English speakers course, and as it seems your staff often prefers, an English for Lithuanian speakers course first.

Fourth, have sympathy for all of those who have a burning desire to learn Lithuanian for whatever reason, such as myself. It is nearly impossible to learn the language. There is no Lithuanian course on resources like Rosetta Stone or Living Language, and these are some of the key things that help a language learner not just learn simple vocabulary, but essential grammar topics as well. There are apps, there are websites, there are youtube videos, but unless you want your Lithuanian skills to be limited to knowing how to say, “hello”, “apple”, and “How are you?” you’ve got to find something more. Even good books are hard to find, and I’ve yet to find a book including a CD to help me with the unfamiliar Lithuanian pronunciation. All I’m saying is, a Spanish course is white noise, but having a Lithuanian course would not only be so helpful to people like me, but it would also set you apart even more from other language programs.

In conclusion, I believe I speak for many people when I say that a Lithuanian course should be started in the incubator because there is no Baltic language representation on Duolingo, in comparison to other developed or developing languages on the site it has enough speakers and potential for more, there are many people who have the knowledge and willingness to contribute to the course, and Duolingo is our one of our last hopes to learn this wonderful and fascinating language. Your program provides a unique language learning opportunity that can be matched by little. I hope you take the above into consideration, and please look at discussion threads like this one.



June 7, 2016

Yes, all good points. Also, Lithuanian is the most archaic living Indo-European language out there, and has a lot of similarities with Sanskrit and Latin. "anyone wishing to hear how Indo-Europeans spoke should come and listen to a Lithuanian peasant" - famous French linguist Antoine Meillet.

Currently, I'm (slowly lately) going through "Beginner's Lithuanian" and then I'll go onto Colloquial Lithuanian next, but it's definitely true. There just isn't enough Lithuanian material out there. A duolingo Lithuanian course would be completely groundbreaking for the language, I'm surprised that their government hasn't spearheaded something here.

It's kind of one of those languages that any good linguist scholar should learn, so duolingo should consider it for that reason too. There's a lot of linguists worldwide and in universities.

June 8, 2016

Yes! I completely agree! My grandparents came from Lithuania, and all my relatives speak it except for my father and I. This is because my mother did not want me speaking a language my father didn't know when I was younger, but now I am extremely disappointed. I cannot find any good courses for it either. I think one of the big issues is the complex grammar. Declensions are apparently extremely difficult, and Lithuanian is constantly changing and becoming more modern. There are also a lot of Russian influence now. When my cousins came and visited it was almost as though they were speaking and entirely different language (Think the difference of Catalan and Spanish: intensely similar but still different).

March 19, 2017

Hear hear!

June 7, 2016

Yes, hear hear! My grandparents fled Lithuania during the Russian Rule and my mother was born in Sweden before they emigrated to Canada. I am planning my first trip to Lithuania for autumn 2017 and would love to develop my language skills further on duolingo.

June 8, 2016

You mean this autumn? Lithuanian's probably coming out this year. Japanese just got in the incubator. That's already enough potential for Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic in the same year! (Of course, Mandarin Chinese is guaranteed for this year, 2017, and Cantonese is following in the next few years, so that's already likely.)

February 5, 2017

And how you are so sure of these facts exactly?

February 6, 2017

In the Reddit AMA, Luis states that Japanese and Chinese will come out this year. If not, both of them will at least be in the Incubator, but Japanese is probably coming out this year.

February 6, 2017

That's amazing! Many people of Baltimaad ('the Baltic states') fled to Sweden, Finland, or Germany. What America considered evil at the time, thousands of immigrants considered home and some still do today.

August 18, 2016

My great grandparents fled Lithuanian with my grandfather as a baby just before the Germans retreated through Lithuania after losing to the Russians. They were then in Germany for six years before immigrating to America. I wish I could go to Lithuania.

October 12, 2018

Any news about this? What about staff? Have they answered any of the requests?

March 7, 2017

I think the best way would be (and more interesting) to release in duoLingo Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian together (Baltic languages). Of course, Estonian is not Indo-European and similar to Finnish, but our languages have hundreds of common words: Finnish silta - Lithuanian tiltas, morsi - marti and so on. Baltic package would be the right decision, dear duoLingo makers. You would be a real pioneers. Respectfully, M.

March 15, 2017

yeah. I'd love a lithuanian course

August 12, 2018

I absolutely agree. I have been trying to learn Lithuanian for a while now and a Duolingo course would be very beneficial. I hope Duo will listen to our requests (though it seems like they really don't care much since it has been four years since this discussion started).

May 29, 2019

I really hope Lithuanian gets added to Duolingo. I'm one quarter Lithuanian and I want to visit the country someday, but nobody in my family can still speak it. It was my grandma's first language but she's forgotten all of it.

December 12, 2018

One of the biggest problems in bringing about a Lithuanian course is the lack of a translation program that includes sound. I have not found a single one yet that includes the Lithuanian pronunciation (partially due to the fact that stresses are irregular in the language). A duolingo class without the pronunciation would be an issue. How would we overcome this issue?

April 15, 2019

The project LIEPA ( ) has already developed a speech synthesizer (mainly for the blind) that can read what is on the screen in Lithuanian. So maybe that could be a solution.

April 21, 2019


March 17, 2017

seems like it hasn't happened.

April 15, 2017


April 28, 2017

why is the 'like' count 4?!??!?!?!?!?

April 15, 2019

This discussion was a while ago. Any news or updates? Thank you for your efforts in attempting to start a course, just curious if anything regarding it has changed recently.

May 30, 2019

I'm looking forward to it when it comes!

June 17, 2019

Looking forward to the day when the Lithuanian course for English speakers will be developed ! Good luck to the people working on it :)

July 14, 2019

At this point I'd switch the word "when" to "if". It's beginning to look less and less like it is going to happen at all.

July 17, 2019

Hey guys, I don't think Duolingo read these messages and Lithuania is a great language but the market is way too small. In the end they have to earn money with it.

I didn't try yet but a friend of mine suggested to use:

July 15, 2019
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