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Incorrect Information

My son is trying to learn German. He's often getting incorrect information in the form of weird answers and straight up incorrect English. Example: He wrote 'That is your apple juice' and per Google translate this was correct. Duolingo 'That is your Apple genius'. There have been numerous other wrong answers that weren't wrong at all and their corrections were completely wrong per English.

You CANNOT learn a language like this. It's frustrating and demotivating.

I don't know where else to leave feedback or get help on this matter.

September 21, 2017



In addition to the other comments, I would recommend not using Google Translate except for translating singular words because Google Translate can be very, very bad at putting together grammatically correct sentences.


I'm having a hard time believing that the correction actually said "genius". There's no such entry in our database. What's more likely is that your phone's predictive text or autocorrect changed "juice" to "genius" and you misinterpreted the correction screen. "Apple genius" makes me think that you were using an iPhone or iPad.

Here's a video of the relevant entry in the Incubator: https://streamable.com/reaae I couldn't take a screenshot because I had to scroll.

If this happens agains, please take a screenshot and post it here.


I can only attest to what my eyes read. And I've been reading English awhile. I'll be happy post such scereenshots in the future though my guess is the German issue that I can't speak to and the pronoun issue have also been resolved. So let me cut to the chase in thanking you for updating your databases and please continue in this vetting process of your content. It's greatly appreciated along with your attitude. Sincerely, Paying Customer


This just happened to me: In my Spanish lessons, I often confuse "this" and "that". I got a sentence with "eso" ("that"), and while I was still wondering if I chose the correct one of the two in my English translation, my phone acted. I was surprised to find my sentence marked as incorrect, and then I saw 'my' sentence: "Will I ever overcome Thatcher?" Darn autocorrect!


It would be interesting to know what the German sentence was in each case. Duolingo includes indeed some weird and funny sentences (but in both languages!); I wouldn't rule out the existence of apple geniuses in the Duolingo universe.

We can assess the situation only if we have both versions of the sentence (German and English). Only then will it be possible to say if the English sentence is wrong.


I don't have the original content right now and he's moved on to other studies. I'm assuming you're one of the content contributors? I understand you need exact so may I suggest Pos Pronouns (Section 1 of 2) directly after the Nature 1 section. Any advice would be appreciated. Agreed Duolingo has strange sentences but these were not grammatically correct. So strange or not that's unacceptable and hard to explain to an 8yr old.


No, I'm just a Duolingo student of other languages, but also a forum participant whose native language is German and whose English is not overly bad.

I totally agree with what Satishvc wrote: The best solution is reporting the sentence immediately, and viewing the discussion among other learners.


The German sentence was "das ist dein Apfelsaft" (I just had a look at the lesson), so "apple juice" beats "apple genius". Anyway, they are all volunteers at Duolingo and so errors are possible. In my lesson they accepted "apple juice" as correct.


did you do the entire lesson? because there were a few other wrong answers. one in German - i can't speak to and the other an english issue with the misuse of pronoun. just wondering. either way we will use the report flag from here out.

understood they are volunteers but i paid for health which was used up on incorrect information. charge for ads, charge for translation services but don't charge for program content that may or may not be correct. that's all.


I completed the French, English and German trees from all sides and there were only some rare occasions of "language hiccups". The two things I am not happy with are

1.) strange senseless sentences (eg. red elefants eating rice)

2.) pronounciation. There were some words that were definitively pronounced wrong, so I reported them. For me, that leaves the question if the other languages were generally pronounced correct. The speakers seem (are) computer generated and sound like platform announcements in a railway station of Deutsche Bahn (which is no praise at all). After a while, you come to terms with it. All in all, it is a good program for which I never paid a single Euro.


You dont have to pay for more health. Just keep revising on already-completed skills and it will give you more health. It is a strange concept at the start but i find it useful to revise.


For feedback, whenever you submit an incorrect answer you get a choice to flag and provide feedback on it (as well as discuss with others, in case you need clarification). You can use that to report a wrong sentence/phrase where your answer is correct but Duolingo is wrong.


i had not noticed that before. that is helpful and we will do so from now on. thank you.


I have seen on some rare occasions that Duolingo has odd or undesirable translations for certain phrases, depending on the target language. How "often" do these incorrect translations occur? Is it in every skill or rarely? I think if your son truly knows how a German sentence should be written, then he should not allow a computer site to demotivate him. However, I can understand how stressful it can be (especially on Quizlet where the site is extremely particular) to know the answer but have technology consider it wrong because the system is wrong. I mean, how can you actually learn a language like that if one's effort is counted wrong?

I'm not a professional, but I hope someone with more credibility than me can help you! Your son certainly deserves it. ^ ^

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