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  5. "Her dress is purple."

"Her dress is purple."

Translation:Její šaty jsou fialové.

September 21, 2017



I was asked to translate "Her dress is purple" But the correct answer is "jsou"? I don't understand why a singular "her dress is" is translated in plural "jsou" here. HELP! This language only confusing me more and more...


Because in czech word "šaty" has only plural form.


Ah. That makes sense. Like "jeans" in English. Thanks!


Yes, btw. kalhoty and džíny are also only plural.


I answered with je rather than jsou. I was informed that I have typos and tha correct answer is její šat je fialový. This doesn't seem right!


Synonyms like purpurová should work.


Well, yes and no. In English "purple" is a generic word for any combination of red and blue. It comes in many shades but for many people it is just "purple". In Czech that word is "fialová". It is any combo of red and blue. English has violet and maroon, fuchsia, magenta.... Czech has šeříková, purpurová, bordó but generally it is fialová. Since everything needs to be edited manually teaching shades of colors does not seem to make the top of the urgent list.

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