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"She is just as fit as her father."

Translation:Sie ist genauso fit wie ihr Vater.

September 21, 2017



Isn't "her father" in indirect object (meaning it should be "ihren")? Thanks.


Basically, both "sie" and "ihr Vater" are subjects of the verb in the comparison, and so we could write this as "sie ist genauso fit wie ihr Vater ist", but the second "ist" is redundant, as it's obvious from context, but even though we leave out the verb, ihr Vater is still nominative (this is pretty much always the case with comparisons - the two things being compared are in the same case).

The first comment here gives a more detailed explanation if you need it :)


the verb "sein" asks for the subject, everything right of the verb "sein" (ist in this case) is nominative. Think of it as this way.

She = just as fit as her father.

The subject is the same on both sides of "ist" therefore they are nominative.


No, "her father" is not an indirect object. (And if it were, then it would be in the dative case, and that would be "ihrem" rather than "ihren" in the masculine singular.


Can we use als instead of wie?

Sie ist genauso fit als ihr Vater.


not a native, but I was told by @mizinamo (MOD), that genauso always go with wie.


No, this sentence is about two subjects on the same level as each other, you have to use "wie". This is similar in English, where you have to use "as," not "than"; saying "sie ist genauso fit als ihr Vater" sounds just as wrong as "she is just as fit than her father". You can't just mix the two.

größer ALS- bigger THAN

so groß WIE- as big AS


I had the same question. It was rejected when I tried.


Dl should accept "ebenso" as well as "genauso".


Why does "gesund" not work here


Why is "Sie ist fit genauso wie ihr Vater" marked wrong? I mean, can't we interchange fit and genauso? the meaning looks pretty much the same for me


So if 'just' is in used in the sense of 'only', then we use "nur" and if as in comparison, then genauso. Am I right?


Statt "genauso" , könnte man auch "so" sagen. Hier nicht. Ärgerlich !!!


Would "Genauso ist sie fit wie ihr Vater" work?


Why is it "ihr" and not "ihrer"?

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