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How to make best use of duoling

I assume it is best to "follow the star" and that you go back to master topics later on?

June 28, 2012



Two years of following after the star

Have you found it yet?


...turns out he was the star all along

Or something like that haha


I wonder if you'll ever get your 100th lingot on this 2 year old post,hmmm


today has been

Lingots in and out

Happiness everywhere

all but for


to pray and thank


The star is just a recommendation. I usually back track to a mastered lesson and refresh before returning to the lessons I'm working on for the day. But it's all up to your personal preference.


My standard practice working through the tree was two reviews to one lesson. Now that I am doing the reverse tree, I am doing only one review per lesson, as I am revisiting material I have seen before. But I now have an old fashioned grammar workbook to master concepts that Duo. has not taught all that well.


Likewise ..........

I am using a french polish grammar book

that I had bought in London many years ago

each day I refresh a lesson at a whim

I even revisit old postings like this

which are just as valid as when written


Whatever works best for you :) I like to completely master a section before moving on to the next one. Then I'll go back and do refesh lessons and practices on random completed lessons every so often.

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