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"My friend invited me to a party."

Translation:Моя подруга запросила мене на вечірку.

September 21, 2017



I translated as above, in the feminine form, but the program said it was wrong! How sexist of it! :D )))))


But since it IS in the feminine form above, what was the error then? :D


This is the part that's weird. On the practice screen, it was in the masculine form and I was marked as wrong. On the discussion page, surprisingly, it's in the feminine form.


Really it's not the first time I read comments about these kind of glitches. I really don't understand how it's happening and whether it's specific to Ukrainian Duolingo and whether there is anything I can do with that O_o

Maybe somehow old versions of exercises are still displayed even after they are updated, and then this happens....


Are the words "вечірка" (party) and "вечеря" (dinner) etymologically related to "вечір"(evening)?


Yes! You're totally right :)

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