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"Jsem rád, že únor je krátký měsíc."

Translation:I am glad that February is a short month.

September 21, 2017



What's the origin of the Czech names for months? Impossible to figure out the translation without looking at the hint. I incorrectly assumed that únor would be January... :X


Yes I also wonder about it. It is difficult. The weekdays are a little bit easier. Many are related to the counting words I think.


theres an wikipedia article about it, leden comes from led, ice :)


Thanks for the lead. Here's a link for those that come behind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavic_calendar#Czech_months. It's interesting but, for this American English speaker, not useful to help remember.

This will be another deck of flashcards.


why not "I like that february is a short month"? wait, why is it "jsem rad" and not "mam rad"?


jsem rád/ráda - 'I am glad...'

mám rád/ráda - 'I like...'

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