"Pracuje Žofie v kanceláři nebo doma?"

Translation:Does Žofie work in the office or at home?

September 21, 2017

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"an" office nebo "the" office? Dle mého jazykového citu se tu mluví o všeobecné kanceláři, tudíž by měl být spíše neurčitý člen.


In English, “the” can be used in an expression like “the office” when speaking abstractly: “The average American spends X hours per week at the office”; “Are they glad to be back at the office after several weeks away?” “At the office” or “in the office” just means, in this sense, “at work.”

Similarly, one could say: “The majority of the population works in THE fields” (meaning: in farming); “Your family has worked in THE mines for generations” (meaning, simply, in local mines); and so on.

In this sentence, the speaker could be referring to a specific office (i.e., Does Žofie work in the same office where the rest of you work, or does she work at home?), or to a general office as above (simply meaning, does she work outside of her home or not?). In the second case, you could say “an office”, but there the focus would be more on the office itself rather than the fact of working outside of her home.


You see, kids. Back in the day some people were working in the office and travelling without restrictions. Now put your mask on and go zoom-talk to your babička


I inverted the in and at, should it have worked?

Does Žofie work at the office or in home?

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