"January is a very cold month."

Translation:Leden je velmi studený měsíc.

September 21, 2017

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My answer - Leden je hodně studený měsíc - was not accepted. The correct answer offered was "Leden je hodně studeným měsícem." This looks like it uses the instrumental case, which I haven't come across yet.

Since the correct answer above uses "velmi" instead of "hodně," did "hodně" make my answer wrong? (I've reported it, in case my answer is actually okay, since it could be difficult to find the exercise again later...)


Well done for getting your answer correct and reporting it immediately. "Velmi" is a little more formal I would say, "hodně" is more universal in usage and also fits in this sentence nicely.


so cold is studeny, but is there no word for cold which is closer to kholodno? chladny?


Yes. Chladný is also cold (adjective). Though it is more of a cool. Studený feels colder then chladný.

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