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Chinese keyboard

Does anyone have a link to download a Chinese keyboard for Mac? Basically the one where you write the pinyin and the characters come up

September 21, 2017



I can help with that.

MAC: Go to your Apple Menu, then System Preferences.

Click "Keyboard"

Click on the tab called "Input Sources"

Click the "+" icon.

Click a language, in this case, "Chinese (Simplified)".

Then click on the side, "Pinyin - Simplified".

Click "Add".

There you go. You now have a Chinese keyboard on your Mac! [You can do the same with Traditional too!]

Hope it helps, Ocarina


I found several but they all sucked.... None of them worked the way they should or that I need them to


Yes I also need the Chinese keyboard for my other program. ⌨


The Apple Pinyin keyboard works for most programs. Follow HeyItsOcarina's instructions.

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