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  5. "Mám sýr."

"Mám sýr."

Translation:I have cheese.

September 21, 2017



Technically, there is such a thing as "a cheese" in British English, although I agree it is probably not what is meant here. It means the whole piece of cheese, probably several kg in weight, as produced in the dairy.


What is wrong in "i have got a cheese"?


You can have "a piece of cheese", but there's no such thing as "a cheese".


'have got' is often heard in spoken English, but just 'have' alone is the standard in formal written English. That is, "I have a secret" rather than "I've got a secret".


"I have a cheese" -- wrong:)


cheese is unaccountable. You need a piece, a pound, a slice...


How do you say 'I eat cheese'. That is more normal than 'I have cheese' which might mean I have cheese in the fridge. Or am I on the completely wrong track here?


"I eat cheese" would be "Jím sýr" or "Já jím sýr". While "I have cheese" can also be translated as "Jím sýr", this is not the case vice versa. Of all the languages I have encountered so far, it is only the case in English that "I have x" can also meen "I eat x".

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