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  5. "A school is a place."

"A school is a place."

Translation:학교는 장소입니다.

September 21, 2017



은/는 (subject participle) We use it to continue speaking about the current subject of discussion


Why doesn't 학교가 장소입니다 work?


It can work but i guess its not appropriate in this type of sentence just like engliah grammer


I think it you could perhaps say that if you had a specific school in mind(?), but generally it would be more natural to use the topic marker than the subject marker for general "X is Y" statements.



I wrote 학교가 instead of 학교는 and didn't work. I kind of get why it didn't work, and I'm ok with the correction of writing it as 학교는 and not 학교가, but then they asked me to translate "학교가 장소입니다" from Korean to English. Is this a bug? Maybe I wrote right the first time, I don't know...


Both are grammatically correct because context is unknown.

Really, I need to revisit Baaics1 and 2 tips. I recall that the difference was explained how the 은 / 는 has ideas like x is the answer, x is the one out of many choices, and x is regardless of others...or something like that.


How does the sentence translate correctly


aaarhgghhh bruuuuuh toooooo hard my brain is ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ hurt


When is it correct to use "입니다" vs. "니다"? Also, for words ending in vowels, when is it appropriate to use 는 vs. 가 ?


Can it be 학교는 잔소가 압니다?


But '학교는 장소입니다' means 'schools are places', how does it also mean 'school is a place', why not '학교가 장소입니다'??


When can we use 가 and 는??? Why can't it be 학쇼가 장소입니다

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