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"Aceasta este o salcie, nu un stejar."

Translation:This is a willow, not an oak.

September 21, 2017



Mnemonic for salcie = willow:
acetylsalicylic acid = Aspirin :-)


Your comment remember me a joke in Spanish. I will try to translate it into English:

In a chemist's Customer: Excuse-me could you give me a box of acetylsalicylic acid pills, please? Chemist: Do you mean a box of aspirins? Customer: Yes, exactly. Sorry I can never remember that difficult word.


And what is the mnemonic for 'acetylsalicylic acid' then? Not a medic student XP


that it is the extract from the willow tree. Nowadays synthesized and called acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin). Comes from the latin word salix = willow tree

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