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Japanese for website is at 99%!

There was a mistake, so the incubator only says 67%, but that was updated. I am excited, and hope it comes out by Christmas. Check it out with this link: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ja/en/status .

September 21, 2017



Actually, the reason why Japanese for Web hasn't been released yet is because the question ''what sound does this make?'' is available on App only, and it is a very effective way of teaching Hiragana, and they haven't got it on computer yet. Once they do though, Hello Japanese and Korean and Mandarin! They have the whole entire course finished, they just don't have the software (or something, I know literally almost nothing about computers ) necessary for teaching Hiragana on the web.


They haven't written the code for doing the exercises on website.


Exactly! cảm ơn bạn!


I hope you won't ever see the time stamp displayed above that status update (where it says how long ago it was posted)... Even if they really had been on only 67% back then, they would probably still have had enough time to reach 100% long before whatever date the course finally is able to arrive on the site... ^^;


Three weeks later: It's on web now!

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