"Lying is bad."

Translation:거짓말은 나빠요.

September 21, 2017

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Literally: lies are bad


Would 거짓말하는 것이 나쁘다 also be acceptable?


Thats what i was wondering as it seems a better translation for the answer would be lies are bad rather than lying. Subtle difference but different all the same


Literally, yes. But it's probable that, just as we say "lying is bad" more than "lies are bad" in English, in Korean you'd say "lies are bad" more than "lying is bad" to mean the same thing. Both phrases in both languages have the same implication but one form is usually more common than the other and two different languages don't necessarily choose the same form to say the same thing.


Yes, Naver confirms "to lie" is just the -하다 form.

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