Translation:the juice

September 22, 2017

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The juice is succulent (I probably should stop...)


When I was a child we called something else "suc" it was fruit syrup and seltzer water. Possibly because finding juice was not likely. Not to be depressing, but it might be a usage that is still in use, I'm not sure. If you want to try it, use a jigger of grenadine and mix with 8 oz of high quality sparkling water. Yummy.


I am assuming that from observation when a "ul" is put after the word the indeffenite article the is put before it. I've seen this with words such as ,copiul barbatul, baitul, sucul etc.


Yes, and from what I've gathered it's for male words :) So if you say a child, it's un copil and the child is copilul. Child is a masculine word. But bread is a feminine word so it's o pâine and pâinea (an a is used to add "the instead of an "l" or "ul"


Did you mean deffinite article, like 'the' in English?


I love how I can just perfectly remember the word suc just because I find it funny lmao


Mark, give me the succ XD


I wrote 'The juice' and it said I was incorrect??


Again in last lesson answer was a juice now is the juice.


suc is 'juice' and sucul is 'the juice'


Sucul is the question. I wrote "the juice" and it was "a glass of juice". How do i know when it's in a glass?


I dont understand, when do you add the ul vs. the ele thingy


ul is the definite article suffix for masculine words.

juice = suc

the juice = sucul

ele is the definite article suffix for plural for some words, usually with feminine plural e.g.

balena = the whale

balenele = the whales

for suc, the plural is sucurile


The juice is loose


Is the pronunciation on duo correct?


Yes it sounds correct


Since -sucul- is also -the soda-, would you say something like -sucul Coca Cola- or -sucul Mountain Dew- to say Coca Cola or Mountain Dew? (Sau sucul Compot şi sucul Socată?)

  1. Suc(ul) Coca Cola / suc(ul) Mountain Dew. It is gramatically correct but such an elaborate construction is almost never used in day to day speach :)

  2. sucul Compot şi sucul Socată . Although these are a kind of juices, nobody ever refers to them as "sucul compot" or "sucul socată". You simply say "compot/compotul", "socată/socata".


Does this have the same system as the Nordic languages, where the definite article is added as a suffix?


Yes. See https://duome.eu/tips/en/ro section on Definite Article for Singular

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