"The child laughs."

Translation:아이가 웃습니다.

September 22, 2017

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A laughing child is always creepy


I still can't distinguish the particles "이" & "가" from the particles "이" & "는" so I have to ask: Why not "아이는" instead of "아이가"? And if both can be used how are the two interpreted differently? I know that one of the pairs is topic markers and the other is subject markers.



I keep without understanding the ending particles :'v


You'll get used to it over time ^^ but "이/가" has similar meaning to "the" in english


According to the video I watched in Talk To Me in Korean,

은/는 are: topic markers, shows contrast, introduce a topic and asking, "What is being talked about?" can help you with it.

이/가 are: subject markers and shows answers, "What / Who / Which".

Here's a sentence to help you with it:

이 카페는 주스는 맛있어요.

This cafe has good juice.

이 카페는 주스가 맛있어요.

Notice the last sentence giving contrast rather than having 2 topics, or stars in a sentence, whatever you would like to call it.

I hope this helps since I'm still getting a hang of it :"D Happy learning!


Up till this day I wat taught there that 은/는 stands for 'the' and 이/가 for 'a/an' and this is the first lesson where 이/가 did not mean 'a/an' and got translated to 'the'. I think we might need to begin using our senses when speaking over time, it's so interesting! ^^

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