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Practice weak words??

Duolingo used to have a function in the words tab where you could practice weak words. Where did it go? I can no longer see it! Help please

September 22, 2017



there is also a strengthen button above the individual lessons for each section, that is the practice weak words.


Hey Elizabeth, thanks for replying!! I mean under the words tab, where it shows all the words you have learn't. On the right hand side there used to be a practice weak words button, which would practice the weaker words on the list...


I did not realize that. :O I mainly use my Iphone, sometimes my Kindle, to use the app. And rarely use the website to actually do lessons or practice. I just use the website to get the full list of words for each lesson and the tips/notes, since I write down every single lesson I learn on Duo.


Woah....I really liked that feature even though I used it less. You are right - it has been removed :(


I am sorry, do you mean the website, android or iphone? On iphone it is at the end of each section. Same with Android.

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