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Casual R Sounds

Hello! I have been having trouble rolling R's (for Italian), as well as making the strange R sound (in French), and I want to know how people can do it so casually. I can make both of the sounds no problem, but when I try to speak using the sounds, they become very exaggerated and disrupt the speech. For example, if a word does not start with the rolling of the R, I have to take a second or two to actually roll the R which creates this strange, aggressive sounding word where it could simply be "buongiorno." (Which would become buongioRRRRRno, because otherwise the R's won't roll at all.) In trying to roll these R's, my words would become louder and almost as if I have to put way too much force to actually roll them, which seems much easier and requires less effort for others. I am thinking this may be due to a slight overbite, as many tutorials state that you should place your tongue behind your teeth, but I honestly have no idea. The French R is somewhat easier as I have been using it since it is not as rigorous when it comes to tongue movement. Although, a similar problem has been plaguing my French R sounds as well; I attempt to make the sound in the word but it always sounds exaggerated if the sound is not the beginning of the word/sentence, like "J'ai froid" becoming "J'ai frghghhoid." Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! (I have posted this in both Italian and French discussion as it applies to both.)

September 22, 2017



The French R is made in the back of the throat, almost like you are gargling. It just takes lots and lots of practice. I find that it's harder to do if my mouth is dry, but that I get better at it the more I speak French.


For /r/, try just tapping it (/ɾ/) but lingering on the tap very slightly longer; I find this usually results in a very short trill if done correctly, without sounding like one's stopped mid-word to start a lawnmower.

Edit: I see that you started two identical threads in French and Italian and I posted this reply in the wrong one. Never mind!

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