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  5. "different machine"

"different machine"

Translation:jiný stroj

September 22, 2017



It is, masculine inanimate.


What is the correct use of "odlišní"? I'm curious, as "odlíšní mašina" was marked incorrect for this excercise.


odlišný uses the hard declination: odlišný muž, odlišná žena, odlišné dítě


Ah-ha! Thanks VladaFu, I'm just now getting to that portion of my czech study outside of Duo's content. Is their a particular lesson in the Czech courses here that explains it well? What lesson header should I look under? I appreciate your time. ")


I do not remember the name but it is the very first skill that introduced adjectives. The soft adjectives were introduced much later.


How can I define whether there is -ý or -í in the end of an adjective?


Please see the Tips.

You must learn whether the adjective is a hard one or a soft one.

Soft ones always use -í in the nominative case.

For hard-ones you need to consider the gender of the noun. You get -í for masculine animate, -ý for m. inanimate, -é for feminine and -á for neuter.

Please do see the Tips for more.

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